Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Verdicts and Settlements in Maryland and Washington DC: How Much Are the Recoveries?

Medical Malpractice

What are Wongful Death Cases Worth?

Metro Verdicts Monthly reports that the median settlement and verdict in Maryland for wrongful death medical malpractice cases over the last 20 years is $900,000. This is far more than the verdicts in Maryland’s sister jurisdictions, Virginia and D.C.which have medians of $750,000 and $665,700.

Looking at malpractice cases more generally, the median jury award in Maryland, according to Jury Verdict Research, is $500,000. Verdicts that year ranged from $54,521 to $7,708,064.

Jury Verdict Research also gives interesting data on the median verdicts in other jurisdictions: Florida – $1,257,386;New York – $1,100,000; Pennsylvania – $1,000,000; Ohio – $850,000; Indiana – $750,000; Missouri – $694,000; North Carolina – $500,000. Not all of this data is comparing exactly apples to apples, because the range changed with the publication date, but I still think this provides an interesting means of comparison.

Of course, these verdict – as opposed to settlement – figures are misleading because not all verdicts are collectable or at least not fully collectable, particularly today when so many states have caps on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases.

The National Practitioner Databank (NPD), a government reporting system for doctors and hospitals, reveals what is really collected in medical malpractice cases. Every payout (not the verdict amount, but the actual amount paid) in a malpractice case has to be reported to this data bank. NPD’s most recent annual report found that, nationwide, the average money damages recovered – by settlement or verdict – was $170,000.

Going back to wrongful death medical malpractice cases in Maryland, the new cap on non-economic damages is going to have an impact on these figures as time goes on and more malpractice cases are tried and settled with dates of death which are after the effective date of the new statute.

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