What Is the Cost of a Mass Tort Lead?

I get so many emails from so many marketing companies. Just today I got an offer to write a guest post on this blog (no), an email telling me that I rank poorly in Salisbury, Maryland on the search engines (he’s wrong), and two more random emails from companies telling me they are the best in the world at getting me to the top of the search engines (unlikely since, you know, you are spamming me).

But I found one of these emails really interesting. This one was from New York City and it offered to provide leads for Actos, Yaz, Yazmin, and Ocella cases. These emails are always flying in, but this one actually provided the prices for the leads:

  • Actos: $450
  • Yaz: $400
  • Yazmin: $400forsalesign
  • Ocella $425

You can call them and ask them the cost per lead if you follow up on their emails, of course, but this is the first email I have gotten that comes right out and tells you. I just never really stopped and gave much thought to the the selling of potential personal injury cases. What’s a cerebral palsy or a wrongful death truck accident case lead worth? Can you sell those, too? Are people selling those? Should people be buying and selling these things like commodities on eBay? I’m not posing these questions in a judgmental “This is so wrong!” kinda way. I really don’t know.

So, what do I expect you to do with this information? I don’t know. I just found it interesting and thought I would pass it along.

  • Randy

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  • Hunter Mckenzie

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  • Chris

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  • Krystal

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