Vision Loss Settlement and Verdicts


What is the Average Value for Vision Loss Cases?

Metro Verdicts Monthly graph this month is the median verdict and settlement value of “vision loss” personal injury cases. Omitting defense verdicts, the average settlement/verdict in Washington D.C. is $500,000. What do you think the average is in Maryland? Somehow, I doubt you would guess anything in the neighborhood or even the zip code of $192,700. The difference in these two numbers is inexplicable. The average settlement/verdict in vision loss cases in Virginia is $450,000.

I suspect something is wrong with this analysis because I really don’t think Virginia juries value vision loss twice as much as Maryland juries. I’d pay extra if they would include in an appendix the data they used for these graphs.

  • lisacolumbus

    That is a crazy huge difference! What is wrong with the people of Maryland?! Can they not imagine living without their own vision?

  • mary

    What is my case worth I know have blurred and double vision after auto accident not my fault person hitting me had u s s a insurance my head and neck were affected in the accident medical doctors say my eyes have permanent damage

  • Brooke

    I am also shocked at the small value put on the loss of eye sight in one eye. If someone asked you, “Would you give up your eyesight in one eye for $1,000,000.00?” Would you do it? People who lose arms and legs have a better opportunity to use a prosthetis to help them but there is no help like that for eyesight, where the optic nerve was severed as a result of a truck striking a wire from a telephone pole that was not properly maintained injuring an innocent pedestrian. There is a nationally known company at fault. It has been 5 years without a settlement.

  • Ron Miller

    I agree with you Brooke. But it may be that for some of these cases, there was a dispute over whether the eye injury was caused by the negligence and the settlement or verdict reflects that uncertainty.

    Of course, you are right. Who would take a million dollars if they cannot see?

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