Virtual Mock Juries

Evan Schaeffer’s Illinois Trial Practice Weblog has a link to a company that provides online mock juries. I find the idea fascinating. Evan correctly points out that a virtual mock jury does not give the lawyers the benefit of the give-and-take argument among jurors that is meaningful to the process. I also think you lose something using jurors with different demographics. If a lawyer is going to try a case in Baltimore City, the opinion of a woman in Omaha might not be helpful. In fact, the fact that all of the jurors are somewhat “Internet savvy” might make them unrepresentative of certain jury pools. Still, for the $1500 cost, I can see where some lawyers looking for information as to how jurors might respond to certain issues might gain some benefit from this process.

One thing is for sure: the Internet will continue to change the practice of personal injury lawyers in ways that we cannot currently contemplate.

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