U.S News and World Report Rankings and the University of Baltimore Law School

U.S. News and World Report ranks the University of Baltimore Law School in the Fourth Tier again in its annual rankings of law schools. I incorrectly reported that UB was in the Third Tier yesterday. I must have been looking at last year’s results
I was hoping to see the Law School jump to the second tier or remain in the third tier. But a new state-of-the-art building for the law school is coming and lots of other changes. I was telling my insurance law class at UB this morning that I can feel the quality of students dramatically improving. This means more to me than what U.S. News and World Report has to say, particularly with the new building less than two years.

One thing you cannot help but notice in looking at the ranking of the school is that University of Baltimore has a particularly large law school. Contrast the University of Louisville’s 323 students with the University of Baltimore’s 657 full-time law students. This makes the competition a little unfair. If Louisville took 657 law students, the quality of its enrolled class would look very different. I think we would fare better if they only considered the top 300 students in the rankings.

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  • UBStudent

    E-mail from Dean Closius today:

    As expected, the US News changed the methodology of its rankings for this year to include the entering credentials of all students, not just full time. I anticipated that such a change would cause us to drop to the bottom of the third tier or the top of the fourth tier. Unfortunately, we are one of the top schools in the fourth tier in this year’s magazine. Although I obviously would have preferred to stay in the third tier, I know that all of our numbers are up for next year and I’m confident we will return to the third tier then. We are also still on course to be in the top 100 4 years from now. Please feel free to email if I can answer any questions about the rankings.

  • Joe Smith

    I honestly hope US NEWS hasnt blacklisted UB because of a slick Dean who tried to game the numbers. To drop to a 4th again? Sounds like US NEWS is sending a message about trying to game the system..what do you think?

    Perhaps, Maryland would benefit from having three law schools like Kentucky. How about we start a law school in Cumberland? We could then ditch the bottom 1/3 of our class by getting rid of the dumb Hopkins kids and Western Marylanders. It is unfortunate that such a smart state like Maryland is getting out foxed by Kentucky. With that said, you can do better with your reasoning next time Ronald.

  • UBstudent

    Why can’t UB maintain the reputation that it is known for? UB is known for providing quality regioinal education to working professionals. The past three years has been nothing but students and faculty more concerned about the reputation and level of prestige in a magazine than providing an education and then employment. Both of which have been lacking since this new dean has graced us with his presence. In conclusion, stop with the groveling to USNews for some arbitrary level of prestige that won’t matter the second after graduation.

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