This Is the Most Read Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

According to Alexa, this is the most read personal injury lawyer blog in the country.

Do pictures like this drive legal blog traffic?

Do pictures like this drive legal blog traffic?

I really don’t have anything else to say about that except I really do appreciate the people who read this blog, especially those that comment, like on Facebook and Twitter, etc.

The summer is almost over, my kids will be back at school and going to bed earlier, and you can expect more blogs and a redesigned page in the fall.

2014 Update: This is still the top personal injury lawyer blog in the country.  I’ve been writing this blog now for 8 years.  Like most bloggers,  I have spurts where I write almost every day and there are weeks were a write very little.

Is It Worth the Energy for a Personal Injury Lawyer to Blog Regularly?

My partner and I always talk about turning the kaleidoscope.  It all depends on how you look at the issue.  From one angle, it is worthless; from another, it is quite fruitful.  Let’s break it down a little.

Does It Lead to Tons of Direct Leads?  No.

Let’s start with direct new clients that I can attribute to this blog.   If you use this as the sole measuring stick, I would tell you to NOT blog.  Because, for reasons that escape me, the blog does not generate a lot of direct leads. We place well on important terms and people come by a visit those pages and read the information we have provided.  But they just do not very often lead to clients.

So if you are using it simply to get victims to contact you directly, I think there is a less circuitous path.

Does It Increase Your Name Recognition in a Way That Indirectly Leads You to Business?  Maybe.

Here is what I think.  If you are just putting up promotional type material or telling us about an accident you read in the Baltimore Sun, you are mostly wasting your time.  Most bloggers are doing just this.   You might get some victims looking for information about their own accident or just get some blind luck.  But if your time has any value at all, you are wasting it.  The democracy of the Internet is amazing.  What rises up is information that actually helps people.   If you are really not telling a story or providing real information, it is going to be really tough to making blogging a worthwhile investment.

So What Is My Advice?

My advice is that if you want to build your brand and your reputation AND you really have something to say that will be of use to other lawyers or personal injury victims, you should be blogging IF you actually enjoy it a little bit.  But if you are missing one of the elements in that criteria that I made up 30 seconds ago, I think you are making a mistake by committing real energy into blogging.  You would be better served developing your website or so other way to develop your practice than trying putting up blog posts.




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