Lucentis May Increase Risk of Stroke

The New York Times reported on Saturday that Genentech posted a letter on its Web site warning eye specialists of its new eye drug Lucentis, which may increase the risk of stroke for those on Lucentis. Genentech found that patients taking their marketed dose of Lucentis were much more likely to suffer a stroke than patients taking a lower dose.

Some doctors remain undeterred. “Right now, it will have no impact on my use of Lucentis,” a doctor at the Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami, wrote to the New York Times in an e-mail message. “When given a choice between a high likelihood of blindness or a 1 percent risk of stroke, I think most patients will choose their vision.”
I don’t know enough about Lucentis to say whether I think this doctor is correct. The problem is, I don’t think Lucentis’ manufacturer knows either.

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