Stryker Trident Hip Implant Problems: Class Action Lawsuit on the Way?

Medical device maker Stryker said last week that it will voluntarily recall the hip implant surgery products Trident PSL and Hemispherical Acetabular Cups.

This recall comes on the heels of a warning from the FDA to fix a host of long-standing problems, primarily the failure to function and poor fixation with its hip implant components and in its manufacturing of hip replacement parts. These defective Stryker products have led to numerous complaints and forced some artificial hip implant patients to have additional surgeries. In fact, the FDA told Stryker that it was aware that Stryker had received complaints about the improper fitting of hip implants that caused bone fractures in some patients three years ago.

The following Stryker products were named in the FDA investigation for containing manufacturing defects that are potentially harmful to hip and joint replacement patients:

• Hip Implants with ceramic components
• Solar Plasma Purefix HA Shoulder Stems
• Trident PSL Acetabular Shells
• Duracon Total Knee Modular Femoral Component
• Global Modular Hip Stems
• Trident PSL HA Solid Black 52 MM
• ReUnion Plasma Spray Humeral Stem
• Trident Hemispherical Cluster 50 MM
Almost all products liability cases against medical device manufacturers are design defect cases. In these Stryker Trident hip implant defects cases, the negligence appears to be in the manufacturing process rather than a problem associated with the way the Stryker products were originally designed.

It appears hard to argue that Stryker, a Michigan based company that before this news came out was having a great run of profitability, has done something wrong here. In the FDA’s letter stemming from its inspection of Stryker’s Mahwah, New Jersey manufacturing plant, complaints were that Stryker failed to correct their manufacturing procedures that led to complaints about their hip replacement products in the first place. It says one thing about Stryker when the FDA notes manufacturing deficiencies in the first place. It says quite another thing about Stryker when they fail to fix the defects that have been previously brought to their attention.

A lot of lawyers will be looking at these cases very closely to see whether there are enough injuries for a class action lawsuit against Stryker for these defective hip replacement products. Whether class litigation will be viable will depend on the number of reported injuries and the severity of those injuries.

Our lawyers are currently reviewing cases. If you want to discuss your case with one of our Stryker defective hip replacement lawyers, call us for a free consultation at 800-553-8082 or click here for a free Internet consultation.

  • Mark Lees

    I’m a male, aged 46 and I had a Stryker ceramic THR done by one of Australia’s leading ortho surgeons in March 2003. In November of that same year the ceramic femoral head shattered into 30 different pieces, hospitalising me for a month. Stryker blamed the surgeon, who replaced the femoral head with a metal one. Stryker offered me a measely five thousand dollars for ‘inconvenience’. Yeah, right.

    Two years of absolute, mind-numbing agony and abject, excrutiating pain later the prosthesis in the thigh bone had come loose and the entire Stryker unit had to be replaced. Three total hip opertions in three years. Take my advice, DON’T TRUST STRYKER CERAMIC HIPS!!!

    I wouldn’t wish the way I’ve been treated on an animal.

    Am happy to tell you more, if it will help you.

  • Robert cornue

    Hi Mark, I feel your pain. I rode motorcycle dirt & flat trace when I was a kid. At 46 y.o., it caught-up with me. Feb, 2006 was my 1st left side total hip replacement. About 2 weeks later, the “socket” ,with 2 screws holding it on my pelvis loosened. Five weeks of P.T. later they finally agreed with me something was wrong & redid the acetabulum only in April 2006. June 2007 I was riding my bicycle on trails that had a lot of small rocks all over them . I rode for about 2 hours & went home. The next day my thigh starter hurting. It got worse over time, so I saw a different optho. MD., then spine injections,then saw a neuro. surgeon, then saw another ortho. MD. He took my situation seriously, probably because by this time, I was in a wheel chair. He ordered a bone scan & some other tests. The bone scan revealed what I had been claiming & suspecting since after my bicycle ride, the stem was loose at the tip towards my knee. The Dr. that origionally did the 1st two surgeries was going through a divorce, as was I. He subsequently left Texas shortly after the 2nd surgery. He said, “This Stryker titanium is the latest, greatest thing.” It had a plastic cup also. Two & years later, I will have to strongly disagree with him. I am currently waiting for my THIRD OPERATION for an operation they claim has a 95% success rate!!! If there is a class action lawsuite out there, please E-mail me so I can get at the top of the list. It looks like I will have time for it since I will be loosing my SECOND job because of the complications from the STRYKER HIP PROSTETIC.

  • david henderson

    Hello Mark and Robert. I have a very similar story to tell. I had the ceramic hips put in on both sides.One in august 2006 and one in march 2007. My hips started squeaking almost immediately with the noise getting louder each week. The hips also were getting loose in the sockets.The noise was so loud that it was embarrassing to walk out in public.After talking too a different surgeon we decided to take the squeaky and painfully loose implants out.I now have conventional metal large diameter head implants. I cant believe that those ceramic hips were allowed to be put into people! The pain and suffering these hips are causing people is unimaginable. Sign me up for the class action suit if there is one!

  • Bethany Roedel

    I have had 2 Stryker hip replacements, bilateral. One lasted 18 1/2 years when the cement gave way in the femur. I still have one that has been in my right leg since July 20, 1979. I don’t know model, or anything about it. The surgeries were done at Rochester, MN Mayo. These surgeries changed my life and I have been very satisfied. Just hope for many more years. I was 44 when the first surgeries were done and now am 74…..

  • Robert Fultz

    I had a total left hip replacement in 1992 age 32, where the Doctors decided to use the Stryker porcelain head. In 1999 the ceramic head shattered into three pieces resulting in Hip revision surgery. One week in the Hospital and about six week’s of recovery. Now it looks like number three is coming up. Apparently the little bits and pieces of porcelain that couldn’t be removed have slowly grinded down my nylon cup liner. The ground nylon was absorbed into my bone causing it to slowly die and create a hollowed out cyst behind the metal cup. This third surgery already sounds excruciating, and a long recovery. I too can’t believe that those ceramic hips were allowed to be put into people! The pain and suffering this hip has caused me is unimaginable. Sign me up also for the class action suit if there is one!

  • ssb

    Try having a Dr hear about thigh pain if you are an elderly lady. So far three want to replace my knee, they all say walk, walk as the pain became worse. The 5th doctor said rest it, use a walker. I had a partial 3 yrs ago. help?

  • Carol J. Herndon

    In 1962, at the age of 5, I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. This is a systemic disease (as well as an autoimmune disease) which affects, not only every single joint in my body, but also my organs, as well.

    Since I was so young, my Dr.’s all agreed that I needed to wait before any joint replacement surgeries were done.

    Then, in 1992, at the age of 29, I had bilateral hip replacement surgery. It was my first surgery ever. I must also, agree that it changed my life. While the surgery was very tough (both hips), it was still wonderful. I had more R.O.M. than I’d ever had since age 5. More importantly, I had NO pain in my hips (after I healed from surgery).

    As far as I know, both hips (balls and sockets) are titanium, and cement was used. As to what “make” the titanium was, I don’t know. Perhaps there was only 1 make in 1992.

    Now, 17 years later, I am just starting to have a little bit of “pain” in my right hip. It happens when I “twist” my hip a certain way. Otherwise, I have truly appreciated BOTH new hips all these years.

  • Richard Davis

    I had titanium plates and screws put into my pelvis in 1990 and had some experienced some pain for sometime. Then in 2004 I went to the doctor and had xrays taken and found out that 2 of the screws that held the plates had broke and were slowly seperating. I was going to have then removed last yr but I lost my insurance. I want to know if there could be any measures taken due to faulty hardware and by the doctor for telling me that I wouldnt need any additional surgeries and the hardware would stay in permanently.

  • Natalie Tapley

    Today July 28, 2009 is the 4th anniversary of my hip replacement. I am now awaiting the results for xrays done on my hip. I don’t know what the ball is made of but the femur part I know is titanium. This hip has never felt like it was a part of me. It started squeaking about 3 months after surgery. It has always been stiff. Most days I walk with a limp.Now for the last several months I can’t walk across my kitchen floor without it wanting to slide out of place, dislocate. I had a hard time from the get go. I was on a cane for over a year. Not from lack of trying I can tell you. I insisted they allow me up to use the bathroom only 4 hours after surgery. The pain took my breath away, I swear I saw flashing blinding lights. But I worked hard and did everything they told me to do whether it hurt or not.

    I told my husband after the surgery that after the nightmare I’d been through that I hope to die before I wore this one out because I NEVER want to experiance that kind of never ending pain again. Let me die before I need another one in 15 or 20 years I told him. And horror of all horrors I will be going through it again…only 4 years later. For the last 4 years I thought it was suppose to feel this a foreign object. I thought it was just me. I’ve just accepted the discomfort, pain and limping as ‘normal’. Then I find out the manufactuer KNEW there were defects and sold them anyways. I cannot begin to describe how angry I feel. Soon as I know what is taking place next…I’m not waiting around, I’m filing a law suit!

  • RAndrews

    My father had a hip replacement in 2004. It was manufactured by Biomet. I was told there is a class action suit against several manufacturers including Biomet. He has had issues since it was put in and had to have it removed this year and is waiting for an infection to clear before having a new replacement done. He also had clicking noises, pain, and stiffness. Went to original ortho surgeon first, then 2 more. All said nothing wrong. Was in the hospital for another surgery and they took him seriously and did more than a regular xray. There was an abscess in the socket. Has anyone ever experienced this and/or know about the class action suit.

  • David

    Hi Every one, I had a hip
    replacement in nov-2008
    w/Trident PSL.

    10 months later, still have
    substantial pain and limping.

    pain inside thigh and pain
    around the knee muscle.

    From the comments I am now
    resigned that another replacement will have to happen!

    I up for a law suit!



  • Rose

    I am 52 years old and I have has 8, yes 8 Hip Replacements in the past five years. Last year 2008, I also had MRSA in my hip. Five of the hips were made by the Stryker Corp. I would not wish this on anyone. It has totally changed my life and limatations!! The only blessing in this is that I can still walk!!

  • Rose

    I had my first THR in April of 2004, Since then I have had 7 more replacements and a strech of MRSA. I have had 2 on the left and 6 on the right side all in six years. They were the Trident PSL hips that are in the recall, I don’t know the lot numbers, can anyone give so advice as to how I might find out? Thank you and God Bless you all, these surgies are no picnic!!!

  • Larry Cavanaugh

    I had a Stryker PSL hip implant in march 2007, by oct 2008 it started squeaking and by may 2009 it became painful and hard to walk. i had it replaced in oct 2009 and kept the ball and cup. the ball had a black mark down the center and the cup was dished. let me know if anything is being done. oh and strykered denied that my implant was in the recall, guess what #’s say different.

  • Tony

    I had a hip replacement with the Trident in June 2007 at age 27. The pain in the hip was better, but it immediately caused this dibilitating pain at the inner and outer thigh, around the knee, up to the groin area. The doctor said it might be due to my tight muscles because of my age. 3 years later I am still in so much pain, it hurts to walk and I’m on pain pills to control it. The doctor also said this Trident was not recalled, but I wonder if that is false information. Does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit?

  • John Leccese

    Hello, I had my left hip replaced on 2/14/09 @ the New England Baptist in Boston. Reportedly, one of the best in the world for hips. I don’t have alot of pain but I have a horrible limp and I have no strength in that leg. I cannot stand on it or put any weight on it. I cannot climb up steps with my left leg forward, I have to drag it behind. It feels as if it will give out. My doctor who is world famous, checked it all out and found nothing out of place or any reason that I should be experiencing any difficulty. I just research it and learned that I have a “STRYKER TRIDENT.” I have no idea if there are different models or if it is ceramic or titanium but I thought that it was titanium. I guess I have to pursue this in the near future.

  • Twanda Smith

    I am female. I read the comments from other females. It is common knowledge that Doctors do not treat females the same as they do males. Just yesterday I was told that I am hyperchondiractic because once again I went in with pain in my leg so bad I just wanted to step into the path of the next oncoming car. I had my surgery July 29, 2004. Since that time, it has been horror from every angle. I have gone to other ortho docs and they all tell me that there is no way that I could have the pain that I say that I have. But I am sure if I were male, that they would listen and do something to stop the pain.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Lorna Hagon

    In 2004 I had both hips replaced. In 2005 I had the left one redone because of grinding and squeeking, At this time I have a lot of pain , I cannot lay on my left side, my thigh is hurting me all the time and I limp. I have some grinding in my right hip. I have lost more than a years work. After insurance I paid altogether around 10 to 15 thousand out of pocke.

  • I had hip replacement in oct 2010, the pain in my groin was better but I have had severe pain all the way down my leg since 6 months after the surgery, all I know is I have a Stryker titanium hip. I don’t know what the hip is called but I have been in excruciating pain for 8 months now

  • barry

    I am from Melbourne Australia and had a stryker ceramic hip put in 8 years ago(37 years old). This was operation no 8 for a badly treated slipped femoral epiphysis when I was 17.

    The ceramic hip has changed my life…. its awesome but now my doc wants to put another one in to lengthen my leg and “update the ceramic bearing surface”
    Going in for the op tomorrow.

    I have absolute faith in my surgeon but this stryker hip replacement was one of the ones that was “recalled” and I cant help wondering whether my surgeon wants to get rid of the potentially dodgy componenents before they break!!

  • Ronald Valentine

    I have a stryer implant two of then since 2005 and have had prpblems

  • Theresa French

    I have a Skryker Trident ceramic hip that was put in 2005. I had so much pain over the years (and squeaks) that finally I was referred to a specialist who told me all I can do is replace it. I’m glad to see there is some posting about this subject in 2011. I thought I had to give up hope.

  • Karin Sianipar

    I had my first hip replacement with these dodgy prothesis components 26.of June 2007… Major complications from the start… my hip dislocated many times…each time a trip to the hospital to have it put back in.. now i am totally disabled can not walk properly , only on crutches… revision surgery 7, of April 2008..more sryker parts put in… made it worse… Help…i want to join a class action if possible if there is one going…need to know…anyone please contact me by e-mail…

  • edd

    yeah i had 2bilateral hip replacements in 2005,,and i also have stryker implants in me.and i have been having pain in the incission area, in the groin,,lower back pain and in my knees,, i was hurt on the job i belive it lef me they need to take care of. these doctor’s and the company are making big time money from bad implants their not going to tell us..

  • Cynthia Hillard

    Hi, It makes me feel better to know I’m not alone in suffering Stryker’s,Trident ceramic head hip replacement. It made the operated leg a full inch longer and I thought that was causing the horrible pain, making it painful to also sit or lay on that side, but it also clicks alot and five years later I’m still on pain meds. One surgeon said it was placed in at a 20 degree angle, when it should have been put in at a 45 degree. The only reason they didn’t include me in the class-action, was because mine wasn’t made in Ireland, but it’s still painful and clicks a lot. I’d like to be compensated for my suffering and have them pay for revision surgery

  • Mike Hatcher

    Hi, 7/2005 I had left hip replacement surgery. From the beginning, I had continued pain. Often it felt “loose”. I can often feel small “pops” and from time to time it will pop so hard it feels like I have been thumped hard right there. When I went for my pre-surgery consultation, The surgeon, which was the head that department at UMC Hospital, and I discussed hip materials. I asked him about ceramic products and he told me that he did not use them because they were not reliable. So, I said “what will I receive”.. all titanium is his answer. Like I said, I was in pain and had popping the entire time. I began to see the advertisement for hip recalls. I had asked my surgeon and the hospital several times for my product id cards but never received them and the request was ignored. I knew I had pain clicking and popping which was the symptoms of the recalled products according to internet and ads. Based on what the doc had verbally told me, I thought I had all titanium. The pain and popping persisted and seemed to get worse. I finally had to know what I could find out so, I filled out some official surgery records info request and in a few weeks received photo copies of my 4 devices I had in my body. I researched the brands and models which these records provided and I almost fainted when I discovered that I did not have all titanium and that I had a/the Stryker Ceramic Cup thats recalled. That explained quickly to me why I had all the symptoms of the patients who had bad hip products installed into them. I had them also. I have spoken to several attorneys and am still talking. I only recently learned that I had the defective item in me so I am good on statutes limitations. I have read where many have had x-rays of their Ceramic cups and the x rays seem normal on recalled parts. I followed their cases and many of those people ended up having revision surgery and their’s was screwed up, but the x-rays did not reveal it. I have to ask this question. If you have a known recalled ceramic part… how can an x ray show that the cup which is imbedded into your hip bone and the product being ceramic and the rest of everything else titanium metals… how can they expect an x ray to see thru bone and metal? It does not see thru those materials. Well, like I said, I am in talks with an attorney. I have the symptoms headin for revision surgery…WHICH I DREAD!!! Thanks for having this blog for us to comment to.

  • Shamiran Yohanna

    My aunt has her stryker removed from her knee. She was in pain for month and finally she found a doctor that would redo the surgery for her.


  • James Sarvis

    My wife had a Stryker hip replacment in June 2010, the combination ceramic and metal hip and was fine for 8 months-then she started having severe pain in her inner thigh. The doctor stated after all the tests, blood, x-rays and MRI that “there was nothing wrong” and he couldn’t understand why she was in pain. He felt that the bone growth at the end of the metal stem by her knee needed two years to grow back to full pre-surgical size. He had no explanation for her continuing pain that she has stated to him in four visits in the last four months. This “doctor” never mentioned any Stryker problems and when I asked him why my wife is in so much pain he looked to the sky and inferred that it was beyond his comprehension. I am returning to his office armed with all Stryker info and all these comments you have beautifully posted. I went to the hospital to get all my wife’s records, but they did not give me the surgical papers. I do not yet know the Stryker type or serial numbers of the hip replacement unit. But I guarantee you I will find out and proceed against Stryker and this reputable “dr.” for his “honesty”.

    Jim Sarvis-than you for your work on this project. My wife is truly suffering and this medical genius told her to come back in two years after the bones grew back. God help the little people of this world.



  • Faith

    I had a Total left hip replacement in 2006 the trident PSL was told by one of the suppose to best in Delaware Orthopedics that it wasn’t recalled have been in pain for years. Have lost my job due to the pain I loved being a phlebotomist. Had to struggle and fight to get SSDI and after 2 1/2 yrs got it but then was told wounldn’t get the two years back. Have tried to get another orthopedic but no one every calls me back including the one my family physician who told my family dr to give him a call when I did he never called back and when I called the orthopedic that did my surgery to see if it had been recalled like the Depuy was told no. I have to walk with a cane prescribed to me from my family physician and have been through back surgery and have to take alot of medication just to minimize the pain. I had called my Orthpedic’s office again who did my surgery who won’t see me because of different insurance now but I asked what type of hip I had and was told she had to look on fishcal and would call me back I waited two weeks and called got voicemail everytime I kept calling after 5 calls and never getting a call back I called the hospital I had the surgery and asked for my records. Here to find out all the pain I’ve had and still have was probably due to a FDA recall of the hip. But would have never found out if I didn’t do my own investigation. Still praying I will get an Orthopedic to look at me cause it pops in and out all the time and believe this pain isn’t just nothing. So if you know of a case please let me know?

  • Linda

    I had a total hip replacement in 10/2009, 3 months later I have been in severe pain as I did before the replacement. I had the Stryker titanium put in. The dr’s keep telling me nothing is wrong and I have tried steroid injections n nerve blocks, nothing helps. I’m only 41 and can’t even clean my house or do things with my grandson or husband. I am in miserable pain all the time. I get to where I don’t want to go on cause the drs are no help and they only want u to take tylenol or Advil for the pain, those meds don’t even phase the pain for any relief. They need to figure out why so many of us are having these issues.

  • David S. Oehmsen

    I received a THR with a ceramic Stryker in 2006 from Resurgens Orthopedics in Georgia. I didn’t have the luxury of time and upon waking I told them it hurt, and I was accused of wanting pain medicine. My hip pops and sometimes click but hurts constantly. I have been waiting for the recall, but it has yet to come. The FDA sent a second letter of warning to Stryker 2 years ago and told Stryker that these hips were failing due manufacturing problems. I need an attorney. If anyone is in Georgia please let me know

  • lee

    I had my stryker hip implant in june of 2009. I have been in pain since. I have had to go to a pain treatment center for the last 3 years. I know other people that have had hip replacements and they are not having the trouble and complications that I have had to live with. Im 39 and got to a point that I thought I would have to live like this the rest of my life.Ive done the research and I do have one of the bad hips. For a hip that is suppose to last 20 years there should be no reason that there should be a revision surgery within 3 years. I bought it for a little bit that it was just a healing process. well I should have healed already and living a normal life without having to live on pain medicines and high price continued pain treatment. I had mine replaced at UMC. Theres no excuse for it and patients have the right to proper care. I have an attorney and 3 years worth of pain treatment records. I undrstand what each and everyone of you feel. Dont let your dr bs you. you shouldnt be living in pain.

  • cheryl gardenour

    I am sooo glad I found this forum to speak my mind! I had a total left hip replacement in 2009 and then the right in 2010. I was naive to think I would have no more pain and would be able to continue to work until retirement age(25 yrs. away). I have been to soo many specialists that tell me “your replacement is fine. Just continue with the pain meds.” Can we say addiction? My pain level is at a 6 on the good days. I can’t pop a pill to ease the pain because it makes me tired so I save that for nighttime. I can’t lie on either side and I always have that pain my groin area. I now have nerve damage an headaches all the time. It does help to relieve the pain if I wear 3 1/2 to 5 inch heels but even then it is only for a short period of time. I just found that the stryker shell they used is on a recall list from 2008. In finally gave me some piece of mind that I am not just being a big baby. If you feel that something is not right, keep looking for answers. You know your body and you are worth the “aggrevation” you are causing your doctor.

  • Danielle

    @ Cheryl, my Aunt is having the same problem, it’s like she never had her hip replaced, she felt little relief for 6 months. Than she started to drag her RT leg again, and now she can not even lift her leg into the bed without help. I am a certified nurses aid and because she needed so much help, I moved in with her, and I am taking care of her. Her Dr told her the same thing about the ‘Pain’ it’s normal just keep with your pain pills… It’s just a bunch of BS…

    Working on getting it fixed…

  • cheryl gardenour

    @Danielle, sorry for your aunts pain. If you are looking to find a lawyer, make sure it is a stryker hip lawyer not a lawyer taking hip replacement cases. There is a difference. The latter will only take your case if it one of the recent recalls. This forum has showed me that there are alot of people out there with the same problem and no one will listen. I know your aunts pain. I have to physically lift my right leg with my hands to even get into my car. Bless you and your aunt and good luck.

  • Danielle

    @Cheryl, thank you for the advice, we were instructed that she should get it re-replaced before we continue any further action, cause a Surgeon won’t touch her if we go through with the lawsuit at this point in time… Yeah I know what you’re talking about, picking up your leg to get into a car, or bed, or other situations… I feel horrible that anyone has to go through this!!!

    Bless you, and your family…


  • Christine Offord

    I had one of these implanted 2/3/2009 and have been in servere pain ever since. I have lost my career and being able to play with grandchildren. Its been 4years 2 months. No sex. Very lucky that I have such a great husband. Denial from Orthopaedics that any thing is wrong with my hip. We have been to every specialist imaginable and it now looks like the 70 plus tablets that I take each day, or the hip is causing problems with my heart and brain and fluid retention right through my body for 10 months now. I really feel like my life is over and I should just end it. But I have a great family who love me, but I see that some of them are waning. I hope you can do something. I am in New Zealand.

  • tommy

    I had my hip replacement done on september 9 2003. It was the stryker trident psl w/ the acetabylar shell ny Howmedica. I have had nothing but pain and complications with it ever since I got it and I was never told even once by any doctor or orthopedic surgeon, tjat alot of these have been recalled. I’m so pist off that alot of these lawyers I call, keep telling me that my case is to old or that I have the right model but wrong serial number. I don’t care. A recall is a recall. It only takes one apple to spoil the basket. My statue of limitations should only apply to when I first found out that there was a problem with the hips and there components. I was left in the dark and fed shit like a mushroom. Please God, find me a lawyer. I’m finally getting a revision on july 10,2013 and I can’t wait. I finally got a dr. That took a good look at my hip and found that my pain was caused by the severe loosening in my cup. No amount of money can give me back all I’ve lost and missed out on but it would be a damn good start!!!

  • Angie Griffin

    My mom had her fourth hip surgery in May 2013 which was a Stryker…After returning home from the hospital in three days we realized she had an infection which was MRSA… the surgeon reluctantly treated her with a round of antibiotics and by Dec it was back and we took her back to surgeons as her PC didn’t want to get involved.. they she the swelling and redness was scar tissue however she was feverish and had still not regained the ability to walk unassisted. By JAN 2013 she had a huge abscess on the incision and was put in the hospital for emergency for the infection and it had reached the bone.. she passed away a month later.

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