Steve Heisler’s Injury Lawmobile

The Daily Record has a story this week about Baltimore personal injury lawyer Steve Heisler’s new advertising ploy: he’s wrapped his Ford Expedition in an advertisement for his Baltimore firm and dubbed it The Injury Lawmobile. Danny Jacobs writes:


“Some lawyers say it goes over the line,” Heisler said, almost anticipating the question. “I say in this day and age, you’ve got to take advantage of every opportunity possible.”

I have never met Steve Heisler but I’ve talked to him on the phone. He actually was threatening to sue a non-law related business that I own without knowing that (1) I owned the business, and (2) his client was pretty much making up the facts. (I’m sure the latter was more persuasive than the former.)

Anyway, he seemed like a nice guy, a fine lawyer and certainly a zealous advocate for his clients. That said, I think the Injury Lawmobile is just an awful idea for all of the obvious reasons. But I also think it is a bad marketing idea. Why? Because I think while this kind of exposure gains clients, it is going to deter the clients personal injury attorneys really want: the most seriously injured and the families in wrongful death cases. Do they reach out to The Injury Lawmobile? I don’t think so. (If I’m wrong about this, it is probably best that I stay in the dark.)

In my conversation with Steve, I never found out whether he has kids. If he does, I would implore him to let their mother take them to school.

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