Severe Leg Injury: Verdicts Statistics

legsJury Verdict Research published data on verdicts in severe leg injury cases over the 10 years prior to October 2010. By severe, I mean severe: crush injuries and amputations. For injuries to one or both legs, as well as leg injuries resulting in varying degrees of leg amputations, the statistics are as follows:

One or Both Legs $4,000,000 $2,400,000

The average verdict in these cases is approximately $4,000,000 and the median verdict is $2,400,000 for injuries to one or both legs, as well as leg injuries resulting in varying degrees of leg amputations.

The leg amputation categories include both traumatic and surgical amputations. I was surprised by the relatively insignificant difference between above the knee and below the knee amputations:

Above the knee $3,958,003 $2,588,649
Below the knee $4,930,186 $3,727,500
Bilateral Amputation $13,392,589 $5,012,500

As you can see, the median for bilateral amputations is a statistically insignificant difference from a single above the knee amputation.

This is interesting data and useful to use in negotiating your case. But asking the numbers to make sense is asking too much.

  • It’s interesting to see the average compensation amounts listed, I’ve seen our work vary so greatly depending on the circumstances and who’s involved on what side of the court. Let’s keep getting our victim’s the compensation they need to move on in life and get past their accident.

  • Attorney Miller,
    Was there information regarding the geographical locations of these verdicts? Western PA, where i practice, is pretty conservative such that these numbers look really high to me.

  • This is very valuable information to Personal Injury Lawyers in all states. Even though every state is different, this information gives us a baseline.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely very interesting and helpful information in negotiating a case like this. Thanks for sharing!

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