Seroquel Lawsuits: The Problem with Off-Label Use of Seroquel

Seroquel (generic quetiapine fumarate), is an antipsychotic medication manufactured by AstraZenica. The drug was approved in 1997 for treatment of schizophrenia, but additional off-label uses to treat anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, dementia and autism are where the big money is for AstraZenica. And big money it is. Seroquel had $3.4 billion in sales in 2006 alone. Seroquel has been approved in 88 countries for the treatment of schizophrenia, in 79 countries for the treatment of bipolar mania, and in 11 countries including the U.S. for bipolar depression. Last week AstraZenica sought approval for its more recent creation, Seroquel XR (quetiapine fumarate) both in the treatment of manic episodes and the treatment of depressive episodes associated with bipolar disorder.

It may well be that Seroquel is efficacious in treating these symptoms. But there are increasing reports about the increased risk of diabetes pancreatitis in patients taking Seroquel. The FDA has warned of diabetes risks from Seroquel and the labeling has changed in Seroquel. But Seroquel remains on the market today.

At a congressional hearing on drug safety, Dr. David Graham, an FDA drug safety expert, was asked about concerns he had on drugs currently available today. Dr. Graham testified that “I would pay careful attention to antipsychotic medications. The problem with these drugs are that we know that they are being used extensively off-label in nursing homes to sedate elderly patients with dementia and other types of disorders… But the fact is, is that it increases mortality perhaps by 100 percent. It doubles mortality. So I did a back-of-the-envelope calculation on this and you have probably got 15,000 elderly people in nursing homes dying each year from the off-label use of antipsychotic medications…. With every pill that gets dispensed in a nursing home, the drug company is laughing all the way to the bank.” Fifteen thousand people is an incredible number of people to die. But there is no uproar and the drug remains on the market.

You might be asking how the has achieved sales of $3.4 billion dollars while the FDA has only approved atypicals for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, diseases that affect just 1 percent of us. In fact, Seroquel is third on the hit parade – two other atypicals, Risperdal and Zyprexa sell a great deal more than Seroquel. The sales reps for the companies that sell Seroquel, Risperdal, and Zyprexa are pretty good at their jobs and they know how to push these drugs on doctors who they well know are not treating bipolar or schizophrenic patients.

2013 Update: Most Seroquel lawsuits have been resolved or settled. Our law firm is not accepting new Seroquel injury cases. If you missed out on bringing a claim…. honestly, you did not miss much. They cases settled for very little.

  • The conerns I have about seroquel are the “off-label” prescriptions being handed out to kids…YOUNG kids. My grandson being one of them…age 6! He has been on Seroquel (600mgs.) since he was 4 years old.

    I went to court to try to help him, I lost as the parents have him under the care of a very prominent Children’s Hospital….

    the problem is they also have him on THREE anti-psychotics. In January 08, he had a psychotic episode related to an overdose of Geodon (320mgs.) taken at night with 300 mgs. of Seroquel.

    I lost my court case because I could not have Cole checked out by an independent doctor because I had not been given standing in court…..what a zoo.

    NOw, my grandson is having his brain fried b all this crap and I have to stand by and this a great country or what!

    I am at the end of the line and have nowhere to turn for help for him.

    Thanks for listening.


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  • Melinda

    Just wanted to say this drug concerns me. Both my parents of 80 and 64 are still taking this drug. My dad for at least three years. My mother… about a year. They gave it to my mom for dimentia/dizziness and my father for thinking he had bugs on him when he didn’t. His cholestrol is high and now has thyroid problems and both have excessive weight gain. Is this drug the cause of these problems?

  • Terry

    OMG, I had no idea about this drug. My Mom has been on it for about 8 months now. She is in a nursing home, 77 yrs. of age. Her doctor recommended it because she’s confused, has dimentia, and paranoid tendencies. She’s had an abnormal weight loss. About 35 pounds in less than 6 months and I am not seeing the lessening of her symptoms. I get the feeling the nursing home is giving her this drug to keep her quiet and sedated. However, her doctor told me she was putting her on it. I am VERY concerned. What to do?????

  • wqert

    i’m a 33 y/o male and have been taking 400mg of seroquel a night for about a year. i gained 10 lbs but was underweight anyway, and have dropped 8lbs since i am more active in the summer. the immediate sedation was a godsend for me as i was only averaging 1-2 hours of sleep a night and had severe nightmares. now i get full 8 hours of sleep and no longer have nightmares. you must excercise much caution if you drink hard alchohol it can increase the side effects especially trouble breathing, swallowing, and heartrate problems. it can be used to soothe the axiety of alcohol addiction, but do not screw around with this drug as a party enhancer- it is not like a benzodiazipine- it is a much more powerful tranqulizer in a way and mixing it recreationally with alcohol or other drugs can really screw with your breathing, heartrate, and muscle control. seroquel is definately not for everyone but it is also not as all evil as some ppl say.

  • Glen Daly

    I have been taking seroquel on and off for approximately 3 years. The first period I was taking it was about 3 months. I found no effect from it, I think because I was drinking heavily at the time. The second time I felt it had no effect either, however I was only taking it for about 1 month at that point. Now, I’m on it for the third time for about 4 months, and I am finding the drug very effective. It has a calming effect and I don’t have racing thoughts. It also helps very much for insomnia.

  • Anonymous

    I have been taking Seroquel for approximately 7 years now, and I am just now feeling the efficacy of the drug. I tend to think that is a long period of time to see results. And the results aren’t great enough to cancel out the side effects. I will say that it is very good for insomnia, if thats one of your indications.

  • i stumbled on this site my chance but thank God I did, i was diagnosed with ADHD/bipolar disorder around age 5 or 6 and was on ritalin til i was 9. at that point my doctor put me on risperdal but saw i was gaining a lot of weight and proceed to switch me to zyprexa, then depakote (increasing the dosage), followed by wellbutrin, and in the end i started taking seroquel. by the age of 14 I had went from 4’11 98lb child to a 5’7 220lbs adolescent. all within 4 years and i dont think puberty is to blame. its been four years since i stopped taking seroquel. Is there anything I can do about the damage?

  • Lisa Mungin

    OMG! I’m so glad I came upon this site. I’ve been on seroquel for about 7yrs. And it worked great but now I am seeing serious side effects I didn’t know about. My bloodpressure and cholesterol are high. I have muscle twitches too. I also didn’t know about the law suits. I think I want to get off of it. Has anyone found something else that works just as well with less serious side effects?

  • Sean Collins

    This drug really works. I was suffering severe insomnia relating to a legal matter and it was crushing my soul. I took some Seroquel belonging to a friend and it saved my life. I’m a little concerned about my future though as I don’t have a prescription and I’m running out of pills. I don’t want to be on any medication long-term but without this stuff I’ll probably end up dead before I’m back in court.

  • Asheley P.

    I’ve been diagnosed several times by separate psychiatrists as bipolar mixed + GAD & Socialized Anxiety Disorder since age 15 (I’m about to be 26). I got burned badly regarding anti-psychotic meds from the get-go as I was over-prescribed a lobotomizing cocktail of Depakote, lithium, clonopin and xanax. Recently, I was put on Seroquel after finally returning to treatment as a result of a period of acute anxiety (no insurance). I have never been convinced that the lifeless, dulled, sedated zombie I turn into when medicated (and I’ve tried everything) is worth any of the benefits these meds could’ve had for me. So, I suppose I face my recurring dilemma is this: do I live off the meds and be my true self, which happens to experience higher highs and lower lows than the average person, but can feel my feelings and have original thoughts and do more than sleep or sit in a brain-dead stupor; or do I take the Seroquel and lose myself to the life-sucking effects of the medication? To me, as long as I’m not 100% miserable or thinking self-destructive thoughts, than high highs and low lows are tolerable. I love myself too much to just give me up to be more “normal.” But that’s just me. I truly hope & believe these drugs DO have positive effects and benefits for some others and that it helps them feel better. But, anti-psychotics are just not for me.

  • Braceson Williford

    I want to know the lawsuits I have been takeing seroquel for 3years.

  • chris staples

    I have been on seroquel for 10yrs. It has done a good job on bipolar, however now I am having tremors and shakes, muscle are drawing up and I go into a fetal position and start having some type of seisure. I hurt for days after this happens. I am now afraid of this drug. I can be walking along and my legs will just fall out from under me. Thats when the tremers will start.

  • renee

    i have been on seroquel for a little over 2 years now in the begining i was fine. About a year ago i started to get really bad night sweats and started having trouble with bowel movements. I have been at the point now that i have not been able to go to the bathroom on my own (without medical attention) for about 4 months. I would like to know if anybody else has suffered from night sweats or sever constipation and they think it may have to do with this medication?

  • Brandee Pierce

    My son was on a very low dose of Seroquel for 3 years. We have been experiencing agressive, compulsive behaviors from him for many years. The low dosage did not make a difference in the behavior. He has been in and out of residential hospitals the past 6 years. The last hospital he went into was court ordered long term facility in Atlanta GA. Typically level 4 residential long term facilities mean they will be there a few years or until 18 but amazingly he was only in for 8 months and supposively cured. We brought him home and he was respectful and calm, minor problems following small rules but that is it. They have him taking 300MG Seroquel 3 times a day on top of other psychotic medications. My son went from 98lbs going into the hospital to 160 lbs coming out of it. He is actually normal weight now at 160 compared to being way under. So I was happy about the weight gain I was happy about the whole attitude change aside from the constant wanting to sleep. His new DR says he is overdosed and took him down to 600 MG a day and now im seeing signs of agression and behavior problems again. My outcome of this is the hospital sedated my child to get him an early release rather than try to fix the problem. I was going to demand the DR to put him back on the meds the way they were until we find another solution or place that can monitor him during a med change but after reading about Seroquel I dont think I want him on it at all. I will be taking him to get his blood sugar tested.

  • Teri cambron

    i just started taking this meds. i don’t feel any different now then i did before i started taking it.. its been about a month . i have lost a little weight so far but how am i suppose to feel with it????

  • Melinda

    i have been taking seroquel for bi-polar disorder and celexa for depression for about 6 months now. they were working for a little while but then i started to develope anxiety attacks while taking these medications. now my attacks have gotten to the point to where i cant even leave my house! and the more and more that i research the medication seroquel, the more i wanna stop taking it. i have already stopped taking my celexa because it was helping out my anxiety because that is one of the side effect for celexa. i have found out about some serious risks to taking seroquel and i am scared to take the medication! i have been trying to tell my doctor about all of my findings on seroquel, and she really acts like she doesnt care. the only thing that she has done is up the dosage to my celexa and prescribed me another medication to out weigh the anxiety. it seems like all the things that i have been trying to tell her makes me think that doctors dont really care about it. now in saying all of this, im hoping that someone could help me out on this and maybe this could also be helpful to someone else going through the same problem(s) that i am going through.

  • Arturo Chavez

    WOW! I never realized all of this could happen do to Seroquel. I have only been on it for less that a week, 3 doses to be exact of 100mg. I love the fact that I can fall asleep within 30 minutes of taking it. What I don’t care for are the vivid dreams that take my each night, on this emotional roller coaster. I get maybe 4 -5 hours of sleep and have ended up waking with moods that are polor opposites. The first time I took Seroquel 100 mg, I woke happy as a clam and I thought this could really help me. I was diagnosed Bi-Polar 2, OCD, Depression and ADHS. I am in intensive therapy with the Psychiatrist and Psychologist.

    I am scared after reading all of the negative side affects, including death. I

  • patrick

    This drug has saved my life. It is the best thing I have ever taken. You probably won’t post this as I can see the complete bias surrounding your website. I highly doubt the authenticity of many of these posts.

    Seroquel is a godsend for me, my family and for my friends.

  • Ron Miller

    Patrick, we believe in a free exchange of ideas so of course I will post your comment. You are certainly not the only patient who reports good experiences with Seroquel. That said, it is my personal opinion that there are approxmiately 13,000 lawsuits pending involving Seroquel for a good reason.

    One more obvious point worth making: a prior commenter before Patrick indicated that that he had learned a lot about Seroquel throught these comments. But the best advice I have for Seroquel patients is to do your own research on Seroquel from multiple sources and take your research and meet with your doctor to discuss what is best for you.

    I’m glad that many are using this blog to offer their experiences with Seroquel. Please continue to share your thoughts and experiences.

  • Kristen

    I have been on Seroquel now for almost 3 years & I love it. I just have depression, I am not bi-polar. I was miserable w/ insomnia & anxiety, & it really helped me to fall asleep. Since i am able to sleep at night & I can better cope w/ my depression/anxiety through out the day; & eventually i get better completely. I’ll then take less & less of my seroquel, hoping to one day be completely off ot it. But then something stressful happens in my life again that will put me into another depression; & i’ll have to depend more on my seroquel. Instead of taking 25 mg. or less, i’ll take 50 mgs. The pills don’t affect my weight, and i don’t have diabetes or any other health concerns. I’m 26 years old, & i thank God every day that Seroquel can help me.

  • traysa jones

    my husband was on seroquel. now he is dead.nov. 8. i dont know if that was it. hes dr had him on serval meds. like abilfy, xanax. methodone, blood pressure meds. i believe it was all the drugs they put him on. he was only 39 now hes dead. they are doing an autopsy to see why he died. the dr doubled hes dose of seroquel to 800 mg. and put him on abilfy. he just got over neumonia. then four days later after getting over the sickness he dies . i want to know why please help me figure it out.

  • Frank

    I have also been taking Seroquel for two years.. I can’t do with out it.. So far it is life saving…. If I don’t take it before I go to bed then my mind wont shut off… I do Fractors in my mind and seroquel shuts this off..

  • scotty bradley

    I have been taking seroquel for about four years. The doctor has raised my dose to three hundred milligrams a night. Sometimes after I take it and lay down to sleep I can feel my heart beating funny. It feels like a gurgle and then like something grabs my heart and squeeses and then im fine. I think there are a lot of dangerous effects of this medication that are still unknown.

  • Diane

    I have been taking this drug for a few years due to an inability to sleep related to chronic pain it worked in the beginning but it is not working as well and I wake in the middle of the night hearing noices and music. My Dr. is aware of the side effect and does not seem to concerned she has increased my dosage to try and reduce the voices and music I wake to in the middle of the night. I had no idea there were so many side effects resulting from the from the use of this drug. Is there an alternative medication other than Ambien Lunesta etc. as they are ineffective. Please Advise.

  • George

    Told my Doctor it made me sick and he ignored me,second time refused,third time he said I talk too much,WHY

  • Mary

    Seroquel has been a life saver (literally) for me. After 15 years and 16 medications to manage my depression, anxiety and insomnia, Seroquel has been the answer to my prayers. My head is quieter, I sleep through the night, I finish things…I am happy. It is prescribed to me by a Psychiatrist (off label use) and has turned my life around.

    Quite often people want to blame weight gain on meds, glandular problems, genetics, etc. I have been on the med for 2 years and have maybe gained a pound or two. STOP over eating, eat healthy and exercise. It is not always the meds! In addition its good counseling, support groups, the people you choose to have in your life, good nutrition and exercise. Also close supervision by the Physician presribing the meds. If you’re not happy with Seroquel, then don’t take it….but don’t try and ruin it for those of us that benefit from it.

  • Leslie

    Hi, I have been taking 100mg’s per night of Seroquel for about 3 years now, for insomnia and perhaps a little anxiety (I used to be on other med’s for anxiety and depression and have stopped all those now). I too have vivid dreams, and have gained a lot of weight. I get yearly blood tests for diabetes, and check my sugar level and thyroid level, but so far so good. I know there are risks taking this medicine, so I am hoping to slowly wean off of it. Good to read what others have said about this medication.

  • J

    I’ve gone through 10 years of trial-and-error medications trying to treat my Bipolar 1. Ranging from anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, mood-stabilizers to tranquilzers, the combination of Seroquel 100mg & Zoloft 200mg works for me. Waking up in the morning is a little rough, (considering the great sleep the night before) but it definitly feels better to know that I’m finally stable for a good amount of time now.

  • Donna

    My mother has been on many different meds for dementia and Alz.her dr put her on seroquel and slowly increased until she no longer shows constant signs of paranoia and severe aggression. With seroquel she can continue to live at home with us and the children can build memories with her.Her dr monitors her bp and bloodwork carefully, we are very thankfull that this med has given her some of her life back. The nursing home was draining away the quality of her life. Thank u Seroquel.

  • Robert Sarhan, MD

    My mother has been forced into a guardianship against her will. One million dollars has been stolen from her and now her home. They put her on Seroquel for Insomnia, such a dangerous medication for insomnia. I have good reason to believe that since her money is gone, she is not needed anymore, so they want to kill her. They are given her 200mg twice a day.

    I have tried to help her and care for her but the courts are so corrupt, Elderly abuse and exploitation continues, Robert

  • Elissa

    I started Seroquel about 3 1/2 years ago in a clinical trial for treating anxiety. At the higher dose of 300mg I had a bad side effect and immediatly went back to 50mg. After a time I got up to 100mg, the trial was discontinued. I had such a good result from the Seroquel that I decided to remain on the medication for the off-label use. I sleep very well with the medication and experience insomnia when I don’t take it. The medication does take the edge off my anxiety (although it was always generalized and situational). After reading about the potential for long term negative effects I guess I will give up the Seroquel, unfortunatly, I really like it.

  • I’ll probably be starting on a low dose of Seroquel in a couple of days. Rather than going into a long, detailed explanation of what meds I take and why – thereby adding to the confusion, I’ll only state that I’m doing some research on this medication (meaning reading), and I’ll then address some of my concerns to my physician. My thinking on the matter, however, is that Seroquel may be a wise choice for me as I’ve got bipolar/depression issues, and I’ll soon be starting chemo-therapy (Interferon) for Hepatitis.

    My heart really goes out to the folks who have had bad experiences with this and other meds.

  • mac

    I think Seroquel works with the right dosage.

    In response to acute psychosis, over a 2 year period I took 300mg which was way too much, went down to 100mg, then 50mg and then came off it totally.

    Fortunately I’ve been well for 3 years. Very occasionally I have trouble sleeping I now take 50mg like an aspirin and it works wonders for me – sends me to sleep.

    I also think better diet, exercise and meditation have helped me stay well (and off medication).

  • Whoa,
    I’ve been taking Seroquel for about 6 months. I am now 26, but was 25 when Seroquel was prescribed. My first day, I felt that I was completely healed! But then, became reality! I just got the sleep that I desperately needed. I’ve gained about 25-30 pounds just taking the damn pill! I was prescribed 100mg. two times a day, than noticed the weight gain! My next appointment with my doctor I brought up my weight concern, so he just lowered my dosage to 25mg. two pills at bedtime (50mg.) That worked for a while, than came my nights when I couldn’t sleep cause my racing thoughts would take over. So now I’m at 100mg. at bedtime, But HOLY CRAP, my depression is out of control! I hate crying during the day for no apparent reason. I feel worthless, even though I’m productive in school. This weight gain is contributing to my depression. For the first time in my life, my older brother is now skinnier than I. Because of that very reason, I KNEW Seroquel was to blame for my increased weight gain. I feel hopeless because I need it to sleep, although it wears off now, and I DO NOT WANT A DOSAGE INCREASE!!! My doctor doesn’t want to put me on an antidepressant because when I was 19, I had a suicide attempt due to the anti-depressants I was on. I feel like I’m hope-out-of-luck. Oh yeah, I CAN’T STAND THE RESTLESS LEGS AND THE UNCONTROLABLE MUSCLE MOVEMENTS!!!

  • ella clemons

    i’ve been on 600 mgs of serquel for the past 10 yrs, sometimes i think it helps , but still have great depression and gained about 100 pounds, i’m thinking of re- talking this whole med routine out with my doctor again at my next app. , i’ve read some really bad things from other people on this drug, i think its caused my wieght gain , high blood presure, sweats and still awful thoughts at times and merory lose. anyone thinking about taking this drug , check it out carefully

  • Roberta Danielson

    I have a 13 yo son given zyprexa,Concerta, Depakote for bipolar disorder and ADHD he gained much weight DR switched Zyprexa to Seroquel he has continued to gain weight and now has very high B/P we have now stopped the Concerta but the B/P remains very high I feel so guilty now.

  • Donna Lougheed

    My father was put on seroquel for acute psychosis due to an urinary tract infection. He was dosed for several days until family members raised a red flag that he was not responding to pain. Two weeks later, 10 lbs lost, severely dehydrated, he has not woke up, Any thoughts or similar stories?

  • Deby

    I was on Seroquel taking 400mg at night, it worked so well on my mood swings it was great. The downside is I gained 25 lbs and was unhappy wiht the weight gain, also I have new Insurance and the cost was $2,227.00 for a 3 mon does. I stopped taking the serouel, lost the 25lbs and now have tried depakote which caused sever memory loss, and now a new med has been prescribed which is $550.00 a month, I guess I will just deal with the swings in my moods, the money is an issue.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t give a **** what anyone sais. Seroquel has saved me from being hospitalized.

    My mental disorder is bi-polar. But a special type, I go from neutral to high to neutral to high constantly. I never go low.

    What does that make me? Irritable, can’t get along with my co-workers because I want to tear their head off. Second, delusions of persecution.

    Since I have been on this drug (2 1/2 years) I get along with my co-workers very well, I don’t think that there are cameras monitoring my moves ect…I could go on and on but long story short this stuff makes me just as normal as any healthy mind reading this thread.

    Seroquel has been a lifesaver for me. I suffer from mixed bipolar. I have had multiple suicide attempts. I am paraniod and have obsessive suicidal thoughts. My meds and especially seroquel 600mg at bedtime controls this fairly well. I have weight gain, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and high cholesterol due to antipsychotics such as seroquel. but I would not be alive if it was not for the seroquel. I need it for survival.

  • Susan Taylo

    I’ve been on 50 mg of seroquel for about a 1 year now I was given it to take because I couldnt sleep, this was after trying many other different medications first. I love it because I can sleep but I also find it hard to wake up somedays, but to me its worth it because I’d rather know that I have slept then to lay in bed tossing and turning and my mind not wanting to shut off. I may have gained weight but I dont think seroquel is to blame I think its more that I feel tired a lot and dont have a lot of energy. I also take trazadone to help me sleep and take Effexor for depression, I also have back problems because of 2 bulging discs and bone spurs and take oxycocet for that so I’m sure a combination of all these meds may be to blame for my tiredness but I think if I concentrate hard enough and get moving that the weight will come off.

  • pam sillings

    I take Seroquel 100mgs at night. i have secere night sweats,I have to change clothes 3 t0 6 times a night. I can hardly function due to the fatique,cannot even keep up my house any more, i use to never stop, and I run a low fever off and on, does any one have any of these also, could you pleast let me know. my email is thanks you a million, for this info thats been provided, my husband has been saying it was the med., maybe he is right, did not have this till i started this medicine.

  • pam sillings

    I take Seroquel 100mgs at night. i have secere night sweats,I have to change clothes 3 t0 6 times a night. I can hardly function due to the fatique,cannot even keep up my house any more, i use to never stop, and I run a low fever off and on, does any one have any of these also, could you pleast let me know. my email is thanks you a million, for this info thats been provided, my husband has been saying it was the med., maybe he is right, did not have this till i started this medicine.

  • Anonymous

    Hubby is bipolar, and this drug has been a life saver!! He’s 68 years old, and lived in his own personal hell for a life time. Nothing had worked, until the doctor put him on Seroquel. No side effects, and almost no more mood swings.

    Like any drug, it isn’t for everyone, but for some people it can make all the difference.

  • sue hemingway

    Last year I was dealing with someone who was eventually diagnosed as BP. I went through two suicide attempts with this person. I felt his meds were partly to blame, which made me question my I trashed them. Umm..don’t recommend it. Totally spun out…then decided I was completely OK off them. Could stay up all night, work all day…yeah, then I crashed, was diagnosed BP and OCD myself. On 300 Seroquel + 75 fluvoxamine…feel constantly exhausted…I know I have to give it a few months to level out in my system…but the crying fits are worse than ever…and the vivid dreams aren’t ‘restful’…some are just as scary as coming off ‘cold turkey’…Can’t really see ANY benefits yet…just feel like a zombie…am being open minded about it, but would like some small sign of improvement.

  • shaun.hammer

    hi i have been on seraqual now for about 1 year now to start with when i was 23 i was diagnosed with aspurges syndrome witch all started to make sence after finding out about the symptoms of aurtisem and adhd hiperactive dsorder i could relate to it throughchildhood experiance and problems with socailizing among peers so i was put on dex anphetamine it realy helped for a couple of years but it dident fix everything due to the loss of my farther at the age of 6 i became realy closed off from the rest of my family and bottled every emotion in side evan up untill adult hood being on the dex gave me alot more confidence and helped me see and plan ahead for the future but dident do anything for the lifelong depreshion i was haunted with until sudenly it was like one day i woke up and i relised how sad and un happy id been my hole life i felt ripped off and angry at life having realised what depreshion was verry sudenly and because i could not get rid of it i would suffer violent burst of rage discusing this with my shrink he gave me lexapro an anti depresant to take along side with my dex and it made me sick for a whole week he tried me on a couple others aswell but no relife eventuly i broke down and suferd a sycotic epasode/nervous breakdown and wanted revenge on my farther for all my problems i could not fix i wanted a fight but he was deseased he was a coper so i took my grudge out on half a dozen of em at the local police station i was suicidle and ohnastly never sufferd those thoughts i was just pist off and had had enough after expresing my problembs in fits of rage emotion and tears i was put in the pyciatric ward for a week and put on zyprexa hospital was an awfull experiance and is somthing i hope never to see again the zyprexa made me feel after about 12 weeks way to flat and dull and not interested in usual daily tasks i was still being given the dex to as a combination and the doctors wouldent change the zyprexa or alter the dose even after constant complaining of flatness and feeling dull so i got a second opinion from a better doctor and he dicided to change the meds to dex30mg and seraquel 600mg the dex always stayed the same dose but i swicth strait over to seraqual and dident notice any differnce rite away but eventualy i found did do things for me in a positve way after being on the combo for over a year now i feel great there is no more depreshion feeling sad or trying to hide or bottle mixed up feeling or emotions after the whole experiance and i recon this is because of seroqual i feel mutch happyer and no longer focus on the negitive side of life i also understand the risks invoved with anti sycotic meds and do suffer some side effecs but i think happyness and understanding feelings aswell as knowing how to control them far out weigh any side efect of any medication i would rather have the side efects and be happy than not be happy at all

  • Virginia

    Hello, I have just recently been put on this medication because I am unable to sleep at night I am currently taking a 100 milligrams it seems to be helping but am tired a lot through out the day, I have only been taing this for about a month have lost a few pounds, which is good I was worried about gaini g weight but have not, hope that I don’t start experiancing any bad side effects.





  • Arty

    Ive been taking Seroquel for about 2 maybe 3 months. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety after a near-death experience about 4 years ago. This pill puts me OUT! I had insomnia and sometimes went days at a time without sleep. Im not sure if it had any other effect besides that, and not really showing much side-affects in general. I am 22.

  • Anonymous

    I have a student with Autism that has been taking this med for the past three months. It was the worse med in the world for the treatment of Behavioral issuse related to autism. It made him 3x more aggressive and also made him so self injuryous we thought he was going to have to be put in a state hospital. Once we took him off the med and tried invega it was as if a vail was lifted and he was getting helthy for the first time in years.

  • Susan

    I have a son who’s dr wants to put him on seroquel for depresseion, insomnia and anxiety and adddcitive tendencies – however he is only 17 1/2 and I am very concerened about this drug and its side effects. please advise

  • shelia

    I started taking 300mg of seroquel many years ago, for a sleeping disorder. I had always been fairley thin. When I started gaining weight I just chalked it up to “middle age”, then I developed chronic constipation to the point I had to take laxatives on a daily basis. One morning about a year and a half ago I awoke to severe stomach pains in which I had to call my elderly mother to help me to the hospital. I ended up losing 80% of my colon along with other complications that put me into a coma for about a week. That is when my surgeon took me off of the seroquel. Last Jan. another doctor put me back on the seroquel due to sleeping problems again. within a month my diagestive system started shutting down again to the point of having to take laxatives on a daily basis and a 5 lb weight gain. My surgeon took me right off of it explained how dangerous it was for me to take. I have been back off for almost a month now, and my diagestive track is back to working again. My brother was the one who first warned me about this drug he had developed diabetes while taking it. I think this medication is overused, if the side effects are not bothersome to you then that is one thing, but please dont ignore even the smallest side effect like i did for so long, it almost cost me my life. I dont think I will ever completely recover from all the surgeies.

  • Ashley

    A doctor at a headache clinic in Houston, Texas put me on Seroquel, along with a combination of several other drugs (6 total!) to treat migraines related to depression and anxiety. It was strange because all of those medications were somehow suppose to solve my headaches so that I no longer needed to take pain medication. A few days after returning home, I fainted in the street while trying to hail a taxi and hit my head hard on the pavement. A couple weeks later I fainted again. I had NEVER even come close to fainting before taking this medication. Also, my boyfriend recounted several stories where, about 30 minutes after taking my daily dose of Seroquel, I would often say that I needed to clean something (ex: the bathroom, my car, etc.). He would wake in the middle of the night and see I was missing and find me sitting in the bathroom or beside my car (with everything spilled out on the floor) ASLEEP!!(I have no recollection of these events) The worst consequence I suffered from taking this medication was a full on grand mal seizure at the burial site during my grandfather’s funeral. The seizure lasted several seconds and terrified my entire family. I woke up in my father’s arms to parametics. I immediately stopped taking the Seroquel. It’s been over 3 years now and I haven’t fainted or had another seizure. By the way…I had a full work-up after the seizure, cat scan, MRi, EEG, etc. and there was no other explanation for the fainting or seizures, and epilepsy was ruled out as well. What if I had been driving when I had the seizure? I might now be here today to inform others about the negative consequences of this medication. Please ask questions, lots and lots of questions before taking any medication your doctor prescribes. Find out if the medication is being used on-label (has FDA approval for that specific usage) or off-label (has not been approved by the FDA for that usage) and research it on your own before you begin taking it. Most off-label uses of medications lack scientific evidence, and although it is illegal for pharmaceutical companies to market drugs off-label, they are supplying doctors with information about their drugs off-label uses and these doctors can prescribe these medications for your off-label use (the FDA DOES NOT regulate off-label prescribing, it’s completely up to the doctor to decide which drugs they prescribe for different disorders, diseases and illnesses).

    The life save could be your own, or your child’s, or parent’s or grandparent’s. Educate yourself, you have the right to know what you’re putting into your body, it’s yours and yours alone so protect it and guard it with your life!

  • Casey Siemsern

    Don’t you all realize yet that these drugs will NEVER cure you of your problems? They are merely products for profit. Doctors are only drug-dealers now. The Medical Cartel is run for profits, and profits only. “I’m depressed”, “I have insomnia”…oh yeah?…smoke a joint dummies. Quit wasting your money and health on a fraudulent Medical Industry.

  • chris

    it is march 26th 2009,i am starting seroquel tonite,25mg .it is being used to treat severe insomnia,i have tried so many things to sleep,and one time ended up unconcious and in the icu for 2 days from my drug cocktails the only thing i havent tried yet is smoking pot,i wont fly with drug tests at work,i will keep u posted day to day on this medication

  • Anonymous

    lol i pop one 100mg a night its not a waste of money it makes you fell great you dumb fuck pot is for pussys shut your mouth

  • Ray Miller

    My grandson has ADHD and he has had quite a few meds noted here for his sleeping problems. His Dr. prescribed Seroquel 50 mg Tabs and when he first started he’d fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night, then when it was time for school he was feeling bad and drowsy. After so long, we were told to double the dose, we did it on a Friday and he slept for 18 hours straight. I stopped giving him the medication and he went to a Neurologist and I told him of the meds, he said he was too young to take Seroquel and now that he’s off the meds, he had a sleep study done to try to figure out why he stays up all night and sleeps all day. This has caused great concerns because he hasn’t attended school but about 5 days this school year. I have a copy of the Pharmacy info and he has had some of the side effects and it worries me. We don’t know as of now what to do and we’re waiting for the Neurologists to give us a call back.

  • I’ve been taking seroquel for two months.

    It hasn’t affected me in any negative ways besides a little weight gain.

    I have bipolar, depression, & schizophrenia. I take 200mg a day.

    I think it’s been helping me a lot with my bipolar and a little bit with the schizophrenia. (:

  • Connie Feery

    I found a phone number for AstraZeneca on their website. Maybe if enough people complain about the weight gain we will gets some answers. 1-800-456-3669 Check out the Bipolar Message Boards on MSN. There are plenty of folks with the same problems.

  • Connie Feery

    Anyone having similar problems with Cymbalta? We raised my dose 3 weeks ago and I feel totally nuts. The depression and anxiety is worse (reminds me of the Seroquel days) and I have gained 16 pounds in 2.5 months.

  • the psycho therapist

    God this style of reporting chaps my white girl arse. I’ve been in the trenches with Seroquel for years; it’s a damn fine drug and, when prescribed and managed effectively, I’ve seen it ease a great deal of suffering on and off-label.

    In my experience, weight gain is the most commonly cited reason for patient discontinuation and some folks simply cannot tolerate this drug in even the smallest of doses, however…the majortiy of individuals do demonstrate and report (subjectively–self–and objectively–“others”, family members, et al) relief from agitation, irritability, sleeplessness, mood stability and on and on.

    Break me a give. Please.

  • Amy

    My husbands doctor prescibed seroquel 1400 mg for bipolar. He ended up in the E.R. almost died. Now he has severe memory loss and lots of health issues.

  • rochelle

    I was put on seroquel about three years ago, i was put on it for bipolar and having issues sleeping. It was a blessing for me in the begining i thought. in the last year i started to gain weight alot. it caused me to have severe headaches which is called psuedo tumor cerbrie, they have to do routine spinal taps to get off excessive spinal fluids to fix the headache that i get from weight gain, well a few days ago i got really sick all a sudden. i went to the ER and they ran tests and my LIVER counts are rapidly HIGH. i was tested for hepatitis it was negative, i got my gallblader out 3 years ago, so they have linked this liver issue to the taking of the seroquel. i have contacted an attorney and my doctor to wean self off the drug. you cant go off cold turkey it will cause worse symptoms so i just suffer more and slowly get off the drug. i do not recommend it to anyone, and it fools you it seems good in the begining but it bits you in the rear in the end.beware….

  • Evan

    I started taking Seroquel XR a little over a month ago for psychosis. I started at 200 mg, then to 400 mg, and finally im on 550 mg(i was being weened off Zyprexa at the same time). I have been in and out of the hospital due to “anxiety”, have been feeling weak, and like im going to pass out. Ive also had breathing troubles which caused me hospital stays. I dont think i trust this drug, im thinking about getting off it. Good luck to all

  • Evan

    I started taking Seroquel XR a little over a month ago for psychosis. I started at 200 mg, then to 400 mg, and finally im on 550 mg(i was being weened off Zyprexa at the same time). I have been in and out of the hospital due to “anxiety”, have been feeling weak, and like im going to pass out. Ive also had breathing troubles which caused me hospital stays. Ive missed several days of work because i just cant handle it. I dont think i trust this drug, im thinking about getting off it. Good luck to all.

  • Dee

    My mother was given Seroquel while in an adult group home (she has dementia/alheismers). Two weeks later she had lost 50 lbs, was not able to get out of bed due to sleeping, and her legs muscles drew up and has never walked again. That was two years ago.

  • Erik Gholtoghian

    I amazingly just got off of Seroquel. I was on it for 11 years. I was on 100 mg a night for about 8 years, then I cut it down to about 50 mg a night for about a year, then down to 25 mg a night for the last two years. Even cutting down that gradually was very tricky. If you take 25 mg a night, it is still too much to go off cold turkey. Then about a month ago I started cutting my 25 mg pills in half. It was just enough to get me asleep. I did that for about a week, and then I was finally able to cut to about 5 mg for a few nights and then totally cut off for good. I must say things are much different once you are off the drug. You realize that Seroquel is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. In my case, disobeying the drug was a no no because it would punish me by not allowing me to sleep. Try getting off of a drug that punishes you like that!! Good luck. Anyway, nearly right after I first started seroquel I started to need glasses, and 10 years later I have bone loss in my teeth and a predisposition to cavities. Anytime I’d ask doctors about this, they said it was crazy to suggest a link. Now, 3 days after I totally stop the drug, I’ve noticed some vision changes and my teeth are less sensitive. You do the math.

  • julie woodruff

    i lost my mother at 58 yrs old because of this drug. she did not have diabetes before taking this drug.

  • Lori

    Reading this sight is a real eye opener.. I’ve been on this medication for less than a year, and I’m already taking 800mgs a night. My B/P is under great control vs what it had been over the last several years, however reading about the side effects concerns me greatly!

  • andy

    I have been taking a low dosage of serequel now for a year, it has been a wonder drug for me and enabled me to live what i class as anormal life, before i started taking this drug life could be extremely hard episodes of mania were unreal and missable at times to complete and utter terrifying lows.
    Origionaly i was put on quite a high dose of the drug that used to make me sleep more than i was awake.
    But playing around with the dose till i found what was right for me has changed my life for the better.
    It is concerning about some of the claims if it really is the drug that is causing these symptoms.

  • Kathy

    I alsotook seroqual for 15 years and gain alot of weight.sweats and leg cramps ,but what realy pissed me off was the caterats I have now, and I have stopped all but 1 med for depression.

  • Kathy

    I also took seroquel for 15 years and gain alot of weight.sweats and leg cramps ,but what realy pissed me off was the cateracts I have now, and I have stopped all but 1 med for depression. Is there any help for Mass. patients?

  • Damian

    Memory loss, constipation,thyroid problems. weight gain,and a hit or miss situation as to depression. I’ve had all these issues. I think it’s bad news. Weight gain can lead to diabetes.It happens so quickly, I’m a lot sure THAT isn’t a problem as well.

    It seems to me there are better, natural, cures for insomnia. The guy who suggested marijuana isn’t too far off. It CAN help with insomnia. And it totally helps with feelings of well-being and distraction from anger and depressing moments.

  • Evan K

    Seroquel is a life saver for me. I have been on it for 5 years. Only side effects are dizzy, dry mouth and a feeling of a hang-over every morning.

    I have all my blood levels checked 4 times a year, no issues. Be very carfull on WHO subscribes this drug. Should be a Doctor that treats mental issues only. Designed for Bi-Polar and skitsofrenia. Not intended for the elderly and no-way should be given to Anyone under the age of 18. This drug may help you with some of your problems but has wicked side effects that only an adult would notice and or have the ability to control the side effect of the drug.

    Any child should be taken off this drug for their own well being.

  • Lisa

    My son was being treated for bi-polar disorder and ADHD. He was prescribed several different medications before they started him on Seroquel. The medication caused him to be sedated all day until they added Focalin to treat symptoms of ADHD. This combination worked great for a while but it gradually lost effectiveness an he spun out of control. He was hospitalized for 3 days when he had a severe mixed episode. His dosage was being adjusted gradually for several months after this but he ended up being arrested. He was in jail for a year. During this time they took him off all his medications. I was very angry and worried because they did this suddenly without tapering him off it but within 2 weeks my son was back. I realized then that the medication may have actually caused him to do the things he did because it was warping his thought processing even more than his condition did. He has been out of jail and off meds for a year and while he does often exhibit high and lows of bi-polar and ADHD he is doing well without meds. I think research should be done to find out how many people commit crimes while taking this medication.

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