Sane State Farm Adjuster

I just had a great talk on settlement with a State Farm claims adjuster. No, really. It is true. I am not kidding.

I made a demand. She said she asked for authority that was right about what I was asking for but the settlement authority she has is “X”. The adjuster wryly adjusterpointed out that she did not own the company and suggested I take the offer back to my client and find out whether he wants to file suit or settle the case.

I’ll recommend to the client that we file suit. He has a serious injury and will make an unbelievable plaintiff at trial. But I appreciate a reasonable State Farm adjuster who did not swallow the Kool-Aid and just lays it out straight.

  • Great post. We often overlook the “good ones”. Like personal injury attorneys trying to overcome the “ambulancer chaser” stereotype some adjuster are trying to overcome their stereotype as well. Looks like the old saying is true, a “few bad apples do ruin the whole bunch”.

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