Roy Pearson v. Drycleaners Verdict: $0

Justice was served in Roy Pearson’s lawsuit against his drycleaner today. A District of Columbia judge ruled that Mr. Pearson would get somewhat less than the $54 million he sought in his lost pants lawsuit: less than zero (the judge awarded the drycleaners court costs). This news came as a surprise to… well, no one. Tort lawyers were relieved because the whole debacle was making all plaintiffs’ lawyers bad by six degree of separation connection.

Mr. Pearson had sued Custom Cleaners because Pearson said the cleaners lost an expensive pair of his pants. His lawsuit claimed that signs in the drycleaners that read “same day service” and “satisfaction guaranteed” were misleading to the consumers.

I’ve been meaning to summarize my thoughts on this case for the last few days but this Houston Chronicle editorial says it better than I would have.

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