Robo Calls and Unwanted Faxes

LawyersUSA reports on a $24 million settlement between a Florida company and the Federal Trade Commission over allegations it made illegal, pre-recorded “robo-calls,” selling what the feds say was questionable coverage.

I’m fine with the federal government policing this stuff, and, in principle, I’m fine with lawyers bringing claims that help the government enforce our rules.

Still, as a matter of practice, I find it annoying. I remember a guy standing up at a trial lawyers’ seminar talking about a Maryland procedure issue in a case where a guy got an unwanted fax. The lawyer said that he “had a client where [such and such] motion was filed….” I’m thinking to myself, “I have clients. This guy does not have a client. He has a guy who got a fax.”

Again, it is probably a wonderful thing private lawyers are aiding governmental effort on these consumer issues. And I dislike the calls, either. But it just seems so petty to me. So you get a few extra faxes or have to screen an occasional robocall? I can recycle the faxes, and they invented caller ID for a reason.

I might lose a few consumer protection lawyer readers with this rant. In fact, I came very close to deleting the email. But it is the opinion I have and if I lose a few readers, hopefully, a few others will appreciate the candor and add the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog to your RSS feed.

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