Rise in Police Officer Auto Accident Fatalities

The Associated Press reports today a double-digit jump this year in police officer traffic fatalities, according to a data released by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. The putative cause of this rise in auto accident fatalities is that seat belts interfere with gun belts worn by police officers and many chose access to their gun over the use of their seat belt.

I am absolutely pro-police but do I think that a part of the problem is that too many police officers who say we need to slow down and wear our seat belts fail to do either. How many times has a police officer sped past you going 80 miles an hour without his/her seat belt? But the police are making us wear our seat belts and drive at a appropriate speed because the failure to do so kills. But a minority of police offices would be well served to take their own advice.

In better news, the traffic deaths outpaced gun-related fatalities as they have in past years. Police officers fatally shot in 2006 declined 9 percent, the report said.

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