New Case Against McDonald’s

Dallas Cowboys assistant coach Todd Haley is finding himself in the news lately. A few weeks ago, Haley got into a well-publicized argument with Terrell Owens. Last week, an attorney in Houston filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of Haley, his wife and their family’s nanny against McDonald’s claiming his wife and the nanny found a dead rat in a salad they took home and began to eat. Of course, they seek $1.7 million in damages.

According to the complaint, Haley’s wife and their nanny ate prt of the salad purchased June 5 at a McDonald’s before the rat was discovered. The women became violently ill and endured “long-lasting” physical injuries.

If these injuries prove to be serious, the rest of the post is moot. But my guess is that the bulk of their claim is the horror of eating a dead rat. It sounds awful to be sure. But is it really a big deal? I became a lawyer to help people that are truly hurt and suffer, not people that had a moment of yuck, albeit extreme yuck.

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  • Wow. and I thought the hot coffee lawsuit was crazy…what some people will do for a buck, huh?

  • Tom Fitzgerald

    That link is very interesting, good read.

  • Fran MacLeran

    It is NOT what some people will do for a buck. It is what some companies will do for a buck. They will NOT make sure their restaurants are clean and will NOT, as in my case, make sure they are safe. McDonald’s could make a very good profit and still have clean restaurants and be safe. Why not pay their employees better and therefore get better qualified people. I am pro business, but I believe a business owner should be a good community member. McDonald’s Corporation needs to step up to the plate and clean up their act.

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