Personal Injury Verdicts in New Hampshire

Jury Verdict Research reports that the median compensation award in personal injury trials in New Hampshire is $45,000. This is much higher than the national median of $38,460. Also, New Hampshire personal injury victims are more likely to prevail at trial. New Hampshire plaintiffs obtain a recovery in 63% of cases that go to a verdict, as opposed to the nationwide recovery probability of 55%.

In Maryland the median personal injury verdict is only $12,813. Why don’t our personal injury lawyers pack up and leave Maryland for New Hampshire?

Besides the cold weather, Maryland’s jury verdicts are distorted by the defense lawyers from State Farm and Allstate, the two largest auto insurance providers in Maryland, who routinely “bump up” smaller claims to jury trials.

In other words, if a personal injury lawyer in Maryland files on behalf of a client in District Court for more than $10,000, the insurance company’s lawyers may remove the case to Circuit Court, requiring a jury trial.

This practice leads to small claims type cases being tried by Maryland juries, leading to smaller median awards. Among cases in Maryland that belong in Circuit Court, we believe the median verdicts are much higher than $12,813. Our firm has never received a jury award less than $36,000.

  • Sandi B

    Is it normal for a defendant to serve the plaintiff with a notice of discovery through the States Attorney’s Office when the defendant has an attorney? States Attorney’s Office forwarded Notice for Discovery from attorney’s office with a cover letter dated 12/28/10 indicating that response had to be submitted by 1/18/11. This is a simple modificatin to reduce child support that was filed 6/14/10 by defendant as child became 18 on 6/14/10. Court hearing for modification is/has been scheduled for 1/20/11 for months. Is it normal for a defendant to have a plaintiff answer 16 interrogatories and request for production of 41 documents. Does plaintiff have to comply to 1/18/11 date with court when not given 30 days to respond. Does the 30 day clock to respond to the interrogatories begin the date of the cover letter from the court (no filing or stamp date as no order initiated). Is any time added to this date to be received in the mail? Do you count legal holidays and weekends in the 30 days? Thank you very much for any assistance you can provide. Charles County, MD

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