Personal Injury Roundup of Links

  • Wisconsin Supreme Court begins to lean to the right, notwithstanding last week’s informed consent holding.
  • $11 million malpractice settlement in Chicago (Dallas Fort Worth Injury Lawyer).
  • The argument that early settlements in medical malpractice cases – even before a lawsuit is filed – would make more economic sense for malpractice insurance companies. Obviously, I like the idea but I wonder whether this study factored in the “deterrent effect.” One reason why every medical malpractice case is a war is to send a clear message to medical malpractice lawyers: every malpractice case you file is going to be a war that is going to cost you money. An annoying practice to be sure but is it a good business model? I have no idea.
  • Eric Turkewitz on trying to solve the ambulance chaser problem in New York. I don’t think we have a lot of this in Maryland but we certainly do in the District of Columbia.
  • TortsProf (roundup of personal injury links).
  • Overlawyered (August 3rd roundup).
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