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Personal Injury Roundup

  • Litigation over alleged improper webcam spying` by a Pennsylvania school district is ongoing. Fun sentence from a newly filed complaint: “Plaintiff’s father was told and believed that the light [on the webcam] meant the laptop was ‘charging.'”news1
  • New dram shop law in New Jersey. My thoughts here with a bonus gratuitous picture of attractive girls drinking.
  • What effect will the recent study on the potential danger of cell phones have on existing litigation? My guess? This study will cause a ton of lawsuits that will fail even if they can prove a link. Why? Even if plaintiffs’ lawyers get to general causation – a big if – specific causation will be a bear.
  • The former first lady of Illinois, a public relations professional, apparently advised a corporation that was being sued over its controversial weed killer to smear the county court system in which the case was being heard. (HT: Torts Prof Blog.)
  • Is the American Medical Association “invent[ing] statistics” to support its position on medical malpractice reform?
  • A West Pointer is suing Patti LaBelle, claiming that the star’s bodyguards beat him up for no reason.
  • My thoughts on how you can be unethical and grating and still succeed as a plaintiffs’ lawyer.
  • Baltimore lawyer gets arrested for stealing  Baltimore County Judge Susan M. Souder’s courtroom clerk’s book. A book? Really? Please tell me the Baltimore Sun is just making up some stories because its readership is declining. (The link was later removed.)
  • This isn’t injury law-related either. But it sure is weird. Why acorns?
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