Personal Injury Related Links

It is much easier to comment on the content of other people’s writings than writing commentary that is original and interesting. So let’s go that route today. This is what I’ve been reading:

  • Justice Scalia can’t handle a tough question from a 20 year-old co-ed. You can’t come away from this article without thinking “he can dish it out but he can’t take it.” Classic response from someone who has spent a lifetime – or at least in recent history, I don’t know his fully biography – unaccustomed to being challenged.
  • Background and links regarding the lawsuit in Washington D.C. over Ringling Brothers’ handling of its endangered Asian elephants. We are not going to be treating these animals this way in 20 years. So why don’t we get a head start on the future and stop abusing these circus animals now?
  • Justinian Lane points out what I’ve long said on this blog: people who support tort reform tend to flip when they are bringing a lawsuit. This post involves a more rare breed: someone who first collects $10,000,000 from bringing a lawsuit but then becomes a tort reform supporter. This is the first time I recall hearing of a serious accident victim pulling up the ladder like this after receiving a huge settlement. But this is just a different manifestation of “Everyone should drive 55 mph except me” disease. Apparently the victim turned tort support settled his case with an annuity. Let’s lay odds on whether he renounces the annuity.
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