Personal Injury News This Week

  • Judge Joseph F. Murphy, Jr. to join Silverman’s firm (The Maryland Daily Record). This is a huge coup for Silverman | Thompson | Slutkin | White. Judge Murphy also gets to work with his daughter which is pretty cool. If my three kids (2013 update: four!) weren’t going to be doctors in the Peace Corps in 20 years, I would love to work with them.settlement2
  • Louisville Slugger maker appeals Montana aluminum bat case (Billings, Montana). Louisville Slugger’s argument is that they should win as a matter of law because any warning on the bat would not extend to the pitcher. The plaintiff says the pitcher is in the zone of danger. Interesting argument in what tends to be very sad cases no matter how you look at it.
  • Jury Awards $250,000 for Erroneous Cutting of Hepatic Duct (DC Injury Lawyers). We got a million-dollar verdict in lap chole case in Baltimore City last year.

  • Jury awards $49.2 million in a fatal accident that paralyzed CHP officer (Los Angeles Times). The officer got run over and killed by another driver making a routine traffic stop. The driver was convicted of driving intoxicated and transporting marijuana. The driver’s last name was not Rockefeller so I’m guessing this article leaves out the fact that only pennies on the dollar of this verdict is collectible.
  • The Torts Prof Blog provides its Friday roundup.
  • Should we note on driver’s licenses whether the driver is a sex offender? Some police think it will help catch predators with children in the car during traffic stops. I was thinking about how awful it would be for offenders to show their driver’s licenses when using a credit card or going to the doctor’s office. But then it occurred to me: the way to avoid that problem is don’t be a sex offender. I bet this bill will not pass which is surprising when you think about it because (1) it is never a politically bad idea to be against sex offenders, and (2) there is no real pro-sex offender lobbyist. Anyway, I don’t know if it should be a lifetime designation but I’m in favor of this.
  • Corneille leads again in defense verdicts (Wisconsin Law Journal). That’s the title. But in the text, it says most “reported” defense verdicts. So it is not just defense verdicts that matter. It is your willingness to brag about them to the Wisconsin Law Journal. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, really. As Max Kennerly points out in a comment in a roundup earlier this week, we all self promote a little bit. We sometimes report our victories (frankly, we are mum on our defeats) but it is rather random. (Side note: I wish we had a “Maryland Law Journal” set up like this website.)
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