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First came “Hot Coffee,” the pro-tort claim documentary. Now there’s InJustice, which takes just the opposite approach to injury suits, particularly mass torts. Abnormal Use – who I attacked a few weeks ago – has a pretty balanced review. I think I have scared Abnormal Use into keeping it real and being fair and news1balanced. (You can’t convince me otherwise. Look for their “Sinister Confession of a Defense Lawyer” post next week as further proof. ) The Pop Tort also posts on the topic.

  • Casey Anthony, Philip K. Dick, and rules for trial lawyers, courtesy of Max Kennerly. Speaking of Casey Anthony – is there anything else to talk about – Carolyn Elefant provides some background on Casey Anthony’s lawyer that floored me but that you probably already knew about.
  • Would you hire a professional actor to read a deposition? I’m having visions of a really bad Shakespearean actor-reject reading lines in a halting Shatnerian staccato, but maybe that’s unfair.
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