Personal Injury Links: Post Vacation Update

I’m back from the Maryland State Bar Association convention in Ocean City. What? You did not see me there? Okay, I never actually made it to the convention. But the brochure looked nice.

Anyway, I’m back and these are the links of interest I found this weekend:

  • Maryland law firms are hiring. Really. And it was a good week nationally for (the relative absence of) law firm layoffs. Just call it a comeback.
  • The “drug made me do it” defense is being used again in a New York case where the defendant alleges Zoloft caused him to assault his girlfriend. My friend Andy Vickery tried this Zoloft defense unsuccessfully in a much publicized criminal case in South Carolina. If Andy can’t pull it off under what on the surface appears to be much better facts, I doubt this guy will.

  • If a Maryland lawyer intermingles his/her own money and the clients’ money in an IOLTA account, that lawyer will be disbarred. Think Derek Fisher in the playoffs with time winding down. Automatic. No more questions asked. I have to think that if you do this, being disbarred must not be an awful outcome for you because you almost have to know it is coming.
  • Even Schaeffer offers good general tips on cross examination.
  • Chris Robinette from the TortsProf Blog has just published “The Synergy of Early Offers and Medical Explanations/Apologies” Northwestern Law Review’s Colloquy. Chris wrote another article back in 2004, “Contributory or Comparative: Which is the Optimal Negligence Rule?” that my partner Laura Zois used to prepare to testify before the Maryland House of Delegates when we tried (unsuccessfully) to convince the Maryland General Assembly to adopt comparative negligence.
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