Personal Injury Links Part VI

  • Do not let this happen to your client. Even better, try to spot these clients before you put the case into suit. In the four paragraph of this post, I write about how I thought this was about to happen to me in a mediation and it ended up just underscoring how honest my client was.
  • A woman mauled by a dog has sued a 911 dispatcher and the town that employed him, alleging that the dispatcher canceled her ambulance when he realized it was his own dog that had attacked her.shutterstock_153445907
  • New York City has been smacked down for failure of discovery in injury suits it is defending.
  • Kennerly senses trouble for the NFL players’ brain damage suit.
  • Consumers are suing Skechers for injuries allegedly sustained while wearing Shape-up sneakers–you know, the shoes that promise to tone your legs. HT: Overlawyered.
  • A Virginia judge has almost halved the verdict handed to a man whose wife was killed by a concrete truck, calling the amount “grossly disproportionate.” Side note: both the client and the lawyer will be sanctioned for withholding evidence–the information on the client’s Facebook account.
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