Personal Injury Links Part III

  • If the allegations are true, this guy’s picture should be next to the dictionary definition of “sexual harassment.”
  • An Ohio appeals court says that the state law making doctors’ apologies to patients inadmissible in malpractice does not apply to actual admissions of responsibility, just to expressions of sympathy. “I’m sorry for your loss” is covered, but “Oops, my bad” isn’t. Seems sensible to me.
  • A West Virginia jury has awarded $91.5 million in a nursing home wrongful death case.
  • An L.A. jury has ordered Philip Morris to pay $12.8 million to the son of a smoker who died from cancer.
  • A Florida man won a $21.8 million verdict against the estate of a driver who struck and paralyzed him while he was riding his motorcycle.
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