Personal Injury Links Part II

  • Baltimore injury lawyer Barry Glazer of “don’t urinate on my leg” fame gets some major attention from Above the Law. I don’t think this is the kind of attention our firm wants. This is not great PR for personal injury attorneys that reliably cements the stereotypes about car accident lawyers. But give Barry Glazer this: he’s authentic.
  • “The Mississippi Supreme Court has stopped all proceedings in an asbestos case that resulted in a record $322 million verdict until a decision is made on whether the trial judge should be removed.” HT: Overlawyered.
  • McDonald’s hot coffee redux. Bonus tip from David Ball’s book on damages: don’t argue the McDonald’s case in voir dire. Just neutrally get the juror’s opinions.
  • When can baseball pitchers sue successfully?
  • So-called tort reform strikes again.

  • Retired football players sue the NFL over head injuries.
  • Can you be sued for punching a friend in the groin? In California at least, the answer is yes. Via Legal Blog Watch.
  • The family of a North Carolina teenager who died after being Tasered by police has won a $10 million wrongful death verdict against Taser International.
  • The Florida Supreme Court won’t hear R.J. Reynolds’ appeal of a $28.3 million verdict in a class-action suit on behalf of Florida smokers.
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