Personal Injury Links Part I

  • An Iowa jury will get to decide whether to hold a bus company liable for wrongful death for dropping a 13-year-old at the wrong bus stop, where she met up with an adult man by whom she had been sexually abused. The man took her to meet his friend, who eventually killed her.courthouse
  • In a profanity-laden blurb, you can read about one lawyer suing another lawyer for allegedly breaking his wrist during a deposition.
  • A federal jury has convicted former Eastern Shore cardiologist John McLean of putting in unnecessary stents. He could be sentenced to a maximum of 35 years. That sound you hear? It’s ex-cardiologist Mark Midei, who has not been criminally charged for similar behavior, shaking in his boots.
  • A man who was Tasered outside a Knights of Columbus hall in Forestville by an off-duty cop providing security, has lost his PG County lawsuit against the building’s operator, but he’s not giving up.
  • A former Ohio police officer and his wife had sued Ford for $20 million after his Crown Vic cruiser was hit by a drunken driver and burst into flames, but a jury found the car company not liable for the officer’s injuries.
  • Can you sue for spiritual injury?
  • What a name for a law book about wrongful death cases involving corporations!
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