Personal Injury Lawyer’s Lost Coat Demand

A Houston personal injury lawyer has threatened the city of Houston, a concession company and Continental Airlines, claiming it is their fault he left his Polo coat behind at an airport food court.

More PI Lawyer Bashing

lost coat lawsuitNormally, when a lawyer is under attack for doing something stupid, foolish, insane or [fill in your own adjective here], he is identified as a personal injury lawyer when he is really not. But, alas, I Googled the guy and he is a personal injury lawyer.

Well, maybe this is like the McDonald’s case where the facts are taken completely out of context. But, alas, his demand letter is online, and it is exactly what it appears to be: he’s mad because no one grabbed the coat he left.

In that case, I have another defense. If a congressman tickles his staffer, no one assumes that everyone in Congress is a tickler. Why is everyone so quick to judge one personal injury lawyer on what another personal injury lawyer does? Why is the whole profession implicated?

The answer to my question is simple: that is the way it is. And while no one hates Congress because of their propensity to tickle staffers, people do hate personal injury attorneys because of the perception they are trying to bully their way into money to which they are not entitled (which is rare, but sometimes, true). So sometimes you have to take your lumps and move on.

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