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“For What It Is Worth” has a picture on a blog entry I found via Overlawyered. It pictures a van that could be a replica of a cartoon mocking personal injury lawyers. The blog, written by a non-practicing lawyer in Connecticut, provides no context for the picture, so I was 99% sure at first glance that it was a joke/hoax. But the personal injury lawyer named on the van in the blog – David Neufeld – is a lawyer handling personal injury cases in Brooklyn. The author of the blog confirmed that he took the picture with his iPhone.

I cannot believe this is not a bigger story. I think this van would be ridiculous for any profession, much less a lawyer. I’m surprised no one in the media has picked up on the story. Moreover, beside Overlawyered, no one has even linked to this post.

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  • Eric T.

    I cannot believe this is not a bigger story

    Well, cheesy advertising isn’t really newsworthy. Nothing illegal, just someone doing their best to stand out from the crowd, and not caring too much how it might reflect on him.

    If cheesey advertising was rare, it might get more attention.

  • Ron Miller

    But isn’t cheezy a relative term? Some level of cheezy has to cross over the line. This seems beyond over the top to me. But your view is obviously right because the media and even the blogosphere – which cares about deeply about the price of tea in Topeka – has no interest.

  • Last Defender of Lawyers

    This would have been big news 20 years ago.

  • David Krinshaw

    This is new era for over-the-top lawyers.

  • That van is a perfectly good example of what type of advertising you should avoid, particularly for personal injury lawyers. Its like a bad page from yellow pages on wheels! And ill bet that this guy has a double-trucked ad in the yellow pages too. I wouldn’t be surprised if he used to have one and decided to transfer the concept to the poor van. Note to self-respecting (not self-praising) lawyers out there, avoid treading the same idea. As for the would-be clients, do yourself a favor and be wary in choosing firms to handle your case. You deserve better and no one will sue you for that (well they could try and what the point?).

    Can’t wait to see a cheesy lawyer plane.

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