Personal Injury Appellate Opinions Last Week

I read a few opinions last week that did not rise to to the level of a full post on this blog but are still worth noting:

  • Illinois State Bar Association Mutual Insurance Co. v. Greenfield(Illinois):: Lawyer screws up a will and does the right thing, writing a letter to the beneficiaries informing them of the mistake. Legal malpractice insurer says that by failing to inform it of the letter before sending it, Greenfield violated a condition of his malpractice policy and refused to provide him a defense to the legal malpractice claim that ensued. “What a jerk move,” an Illinois appeals court said, finding the malpractice carrier could not bail on their client. (Please note: I might be paraphrasing.) Anyway, if you have insurance through ISBAMI, keep in mind they will pull this kinda garbage on their clients who try to do the right thing.gavel
  • Bougere v. Northrop Grumman (Louisiana): wrongful death claim’s statute of limitations begins to run not from asbestos exposure but from decedent’s death. Maryland would rule similarly.
  • New York v. Appellate Judges: I was amazed that New York voters dumped three appellate judges. In Maryland, we just rubber stamp these things.
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