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Our lawyers have handled scores of lawsuits where the primary injury was head injuries and headaches.  This page is about projecting settlement amounts and jury payouts in head injury and headache lawsuits

Mostly Subjective Injuries

I don’t get many headaches, a blessing I attribute to good hydration and genetic good fortune.  I’ve never had a traumatic head injury and have only had two concussions.  On the rare occasion that I do get headaches, they are debilitating. It is hard to enjoy life when you have anything north of a mild headache.

Our law firm has handled a lot of vertebrae fractures in car, motorcycle, and truck accident cases over the last 20 years.  A vertebrae fracture can be a serious, significant, and permanent injury to the musculoskeletal system. You wouldn’t wish this fracture on anyone.

What is the Settlement Value of a Vertebrae Fracture Case?

One study found that the national median award at trial in personal injury cases for a vertebra fracture is $112,537.  The median award for multiple vertebrae fractures is almost double the single vertebra amount, $207,000.

vertebrae fracture cases
This is far lower than our law firm’s average settlement in vertebrae fracture cases. Why? There could be some jurisdictional differences. Because this is not Maryland data, but national data. The pool for these statistics may also include hairline fractures. When I’m talking vertebrae fracture claims, I’m not talking about hairline fractures.

Miller & Zois’ clergy sexual abuse lawyers help victims of sexual abuse committed by clergy who abused their authority in the worst way imaginable.  These lawsuits are against not only church officials but against the churches themselves.  The crimes committed in sexual abuse cases do more than violate Maryland law.  They involve unimaginable cruelty and evil.

Why Our Lawyers Handle Sex Abuse Lawsuits

This is why our attorneys have sought out sex abuse cases. There is no question these are emotionally challenging cases for our entire legal team.  Our attorneys are human beings first.  We feel the pain of these victims.

Our lawyers handle knee injury accident lawsuits in Maryland.  This page is about how to project settlement amounts and jury payouts in knee injury lawsuits.

Knee injuries make up probably 10% of our law firm’s car accident caseload. This is consistent with studies that show how often knee injuries occur in car accidents.

What is the settlement value of a knee injury case? Below we discuss the average and median settlement amounts of these knee injury claims.  We also list more statistics, relevant medical literature, and the importance of expert testimony.

The hernia mesh lawsuits have been litigated for years.  For victims seeking settlement compensation, it has been a never-ending road.  But with the court bouncing back from COVID, two trials are on the way that could be the bridge to a class action hernia mesh settlement to finally bring victims overdue settlement compensation for the harm done to them.

Over the last decade, countless individuals who underwent hernia repair surgeries subsequently suffered pain and serious injuries caused by a defective hernia mesh implant that was used in their procedure. There are currently thousands of hernia mesh lawsuits currently pending across the country and they have been consolidated into three separate class action MDLs.

Progress in all the hernia mesh class action MDLs got interrupted by the pandemic and resulting court closures. Now things are opening back up and it is shaping up to be an action-packed summer on the hernia mesh litigation front. In this post, we will look at the current status of each of the 3 separate hernia mesh MDLs and what to expect this summer as the first round of bellwether test trials get underway.

This page is about the 3M earplug lawsuit.  Our lawyers are handling these claims in all 50 states.

If you are a plaintiff in these lawsuits, you want to know when the 3M lawsuit will be settled, what the individual settlement amounts might be, and get the latest update in the class action.  I start with the latest 3M earplug lawsuit update and then get into the rest.

3m earplug litigation cost

March 15, 2022: The Wilkerson bellwether trial is underway. A few weeks ago, 3M filed a motion seeking to dismiss all claims on the grounds that Wilkerson failed to list the 3M lawsuit as an asset when he filed bankruptcy. Over the weekend, Judge Rogers issued an order denying the motion because 3M failed to show that Wilkerson intentionally concealed the 3M lawsuit in an effort to manipulate his bankruptcy proceedings. She also pointed out that the omission was irrelevant because Wilkerson’s bankruptcy was a Chp. 13 which proposed full repayment of his creditors.

Monsanto Roundup lawsuits have led Bayer to pay billions of dollars in settlement compensation payouts to victims and their families with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

If you have a new Roundup herbicide non-Hodgin’s lymphoma cancer case, call a Roundup attorney.  Not today.  Right now.  Because the statute of limitations may come upon you quickly.  The statute of limitations is a harsh and unforgiving deadline that is near impossible to get around.  You can call our Roundup lawyers at 800-553-8082.

Roundup Lawsuit Continues in March 2022

Wrongful death lawsuits in Maryland are subject to a 3-year statute of limitations that runs from the date of death. In this post, we will look at wrongful death claims and this 3-year limitation deadline in more detail.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Maryland

When a person dies, Maryland law allows their surviving immediate family members to file a civil lawsuit for wrongful death against any person or entity who can be held legally accountable for causing that death. Legal accountability for wrongful death can be based on negligent or reckless conduct.

This post will serve as our insider’s guide for what to expect when dealing with State Farm Insurance on auto accident claims in Maryland. We will also offer some tips and strategies for how to effectively work with State Farm and its adjusters on your Maryland auto tort claims. Our Maryland accident lawyers have handled thousands of State Farm claims over the years and we know exactly what can expect with going up against them.

About State Farm

State Farm is the biggest auto insurance company in the U.S., although in Maryland State Farm ranks second behind GEICO in terms of the number of insured drivers. State Farm was originally founded in the 1920s as a mutual auto insurer for farmers, but it has expanded into all lines of insurance.

Here is an example of a demand package to settle a car accident case. You can get my thought on how to write a demand letter here and here (which also has samples in other types of personal injury and wrongful death claims.

As you know, this office represents March Jackson in connection with injuries sustained because of a car accident with your insured.


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