Oral Arguments On-Line

I wrote a blog post for the Maryland Lawyer Blog on a new opinion in Minnesota on their seat belt gag rule. After surfing around after writing the post, I found the oral argument for the case on line. The Internet era really changes televising courtroom proceedings.

I think this is a fantastic development. I also think Supreme Court arguments should be televised. Why not bring the biggest issues of the day before the American public? I know that some Supreme Court justices have expressed concern that televising hearings would result in justices to losing their anonymity (I could not pick Justice Souter out of a lineup, I’m sure) and that the media might use sound bites to misrepresent statements made by the justices. But aren’t these the fortunes of public life? Why should the Supreme Court be immune? Whether I’m right or wrong, I think my view will carry the day eventually and we will see televised Supreme Court hearing in the next 10 years.

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