Nursing Home Settlements and Verdicts

There is a graph in Metro Verdicts Monthly on nursing home verdicts and settlements in Virginia and Maryland over the last 25 years.

The median nursing home verdict/settlement in Virginia was $287,500. In Maryland, the median verdict was $150,000. Virginia seems about right. I think the Maryland data is wrong. Again, I have no idea how Metro Verdict Monthly compiles this data.

Jury Verdict Research did a study that found that nursing home plaintiffs get a median award of $329,000. Defense lawyers are not eager to try these cases for a reason: plaintiffs win at trial a stunning 63 percent of nursing home jury trials.

So, statistically, you are more likely to win at trial a nursing home case than a rear-end accident case. Crazy, right? Why more lawyers are not pushing for nursing home cases is beyond me. They are not as lucrative as they once were but they are still good cases that also, not for nothing, really help protect nursing home patients.

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Nursing Home Claims in Maryland

We are optimistic people in Maryland.  We have the highest per capita income in the country. Few Marylanders expect that they will one day be placed in a nursing home and depend on these strangers for their most basic needs.  I can’t imagine it myself as I type this.   Yet the harsh realities are that we are all dying and we are all at risk of losing the physical powers that make us who we are. Sometimes, long-term nursing home care is the only solution that makes any sense.

Nursing home lawsuits are frequent in Maryland.  It was not always that way.  Plaintiffs’ lawyers once expected juries to roll their eyes at nursing home claims, particularly wrongful death claims for victims of advanced age.

While not enough, times have changed.  Juries do not look at nursing homes with the loving eyes they look upon esteemed doctors.  Maryland jurors, even in conservative jurisdictions, are showing an increasing intolerance toward nursing homes that do not take care of their residents.

nursing home verdicts

Nursing homes have a duty to exercise reasonable care to avoid injuries and death to its residents.  This does not mean that the facility is an insurer of all harm to its residents.

But a nursing home really has to try its best to protect its patients.  Residents may expect a nursing home that complies with our state and federal regulations, and that it will provide the resident with an environment that is safe, sanitary, and hopefully, kind and gentle.  Far too often, these nursing homes completely miss the mark and the consequences can be painful and sometimes downright cruel.

Getting a Nursing Home Attorney in Maryland

If you or someone you love was harmed by a nursing home, bringing a claim is about accountability and responsibility.  Our system of civil justice calls for money damages when these nursing homes’ negligence cause harm.

But a nursing home claim does more than that.  These nursing homes’ are restrained largely by lawsuits.  If you took away the fear of litigation, I would hate to see the systems in place to protect residents from harm.

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