News Roundup This Week

  • Some Wisconsin lawyers are helping us fight slip and fall injuries. I think. (JS Online via Overlawyered)
  • Speaking of Wisconsin, the Drug and Device Law Blog thinks that tort reform in Wisconsin is upsetting to plaintiffs’ lawyers. Rule #1 of Fight Club: don’t talk about Fight Club. Rule #1 for defense lawyers: don’t talk about the fact that they hate legislation that limits plaintiffs’ 7th Amendment
  • Speaking of defense lawyers, check out this video of defense lawyers dealing with insurance adjusters. Please note: I never send you to humorous links on here. So if I do, it has to be funny. Trust me until I do you wrong.
  • Speaking of humor and insurance claims adjusters, this is a funny look at a plaintiffs’ lawyer settling soft tissue injury cases with insurance companies. As silly as this is, I think there is a lesson for all personal injury lawyers here about setting expectations. I think too many lawyers give their clients unrealistic expectations regarding the value of their case which just sets the client up for disappointment. This is even more of a problem in serious injury cases.
  • Speaking of doing someone wrong, check out this bad faith verdict against Paul Revere.
  • Speaking of bad faith, Max Kennerly writes about the sham House hearings on medical malpractice tort reform.
  • Speaking of medical malpractice, the TortsProf Blog gives its own roundup of links. It has a few medical malpractice links, including one from me (thanks, guys).
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