New Rules for Mopeds and Scooters in Maryland


A fedora will no longer suffice.

Starting Monday, the ridiculous pass that mopeds and scooters in Maryland have been given on the most basic safety precautions will end. Moped and scooter drivers now must equip their death traps by wearing a helmet and some kind of eye protection. Scooter drivers must also register their vehicles and have a valid drivers’ license or a moped/scooter permit.

Maryland was one of the few remaining states that did not require a license, registration, and insurance for mopeds (or mo-peds? I can’t decide).

It seems just insane to me that drivers of motor scooters and mopeds – who otherwise are required to follow the same laws as bicyclist – were not required to wear a safety helmet. I have to admit, I just learned this fact today. I also wonder how many of the scooters and mopeds were used as an end-run around the driver losing his license after a DWI? I think technically the law was that you were precluded from driving a moped if you were under 16 or your license was invalid. But, if you don’t need a license to drive one, who is really going to hold anyone’s feet to the fire on that? Anyway, that is all water under the bridge. Maryland has now moved into 2012.

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  • Evie

    The law is for life security purpose. I feel it is good for people. Not only mopeds and scooters, I think wearing helmets should be mandatory for the scooters too.

  • David

    Before this new law you already had to have a valid drivers license or a moped permit and a least 16 years old. If your license was suspended or revoked you could not obtain a moped permit. Most of your post was about nothing.

  • Ron Miller

    You might be right! As I concede in the post, I learned everything I know about this issue the day I wrote the post. Still, I was copying the media article which also got it wrong… I don’t know.

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