New Judges in Baltimore City

Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. appointed to the bench three Baltimore City Circuit Court judges yesterday:

*Yvette M. Bryant, an insurance defense lawyer at the firm of Bryant, Karpinski, Colaresi & Karp. Judge Bryant attended Towson State and the University of Maryland School of Law. She was admitted to the Maryland bar in 1986.

*John A. Howard, a Towson attorney at the firm of Sagal, Cassin, Filbert and Quasney, P.A.

*Timothy J. Doory, a Baltimore City District Court judge since 1996. Judge Doory attended St. Mary’s College and the University of Baltimore School of Law. He was admitted to the Maryland bar in 1974.

These judges replace the void left by the retirement of Judge Thomas E. Noel and Judge Bonita J. Dancy, and the unfortunate death of Judge Stephanie L. Royster. The court could use the judges: Baltimore City Circuit Court handled 64,926 criminal and civil cases last year, the most of any jurisdiction in Maryland.

The big news in Baltimore was that Governor Ehrlich also appointed Christopher Panos, a special master in Baltimore City Circuit Court’s family division, to the Baltimore District Court bench. This is a big story because Judge Panos is openly gay. My two cents: I look forward to the day when this is not a story. I’m convinced this day will arrive but we are clearly not there yet.

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  • Thomas Sova

    Couldn’t agree with you more about Panos. He is clearly qualified and his lifestyle choices should not be considered newsworthy. I am glad he has been appointed. I will also admit, however, that I am convinced Bobby Slots appointed Panos for political image – that the public should view him as a “moderate.” Further evidence of this should be glaring given his likely pick for Lt. Gov.

  • Ron Miller

    I actually met his Lt. Gov. choice Kristen Cox at a parade in Severna Park on the 4th of July. I was sitting with my law partner’s husband and their son and she came over an introduced herself. She came back 10 minutes later, introducing her son to their son, remembering my partner’s son’s name. I’m not voting for Ehrlich and I’m not sure her resume qualifies her to be a heart beat away from being the next governor but she is a very impressive woman.

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