New Case Against Glaxco

The American Statesman, a newspaper in Austin, Texas today reported that an attorney, citing a 2005 Mayo Clinic study that documented 11 Parkinson’s patients who became compulsive gamblers while on a drug called Requip, filed suit against manufacturer GlaxcoSmithKline on behalf of a retired doctor in Austin, Texas. His Complaint alleges that after taking Requip in 2004, the plaintiff "developed an irresistible compulsion to gamble," which lead to his losing over $13 million. The Complaint also claims that the casinos knew or should have know of his Parkinson’s and the Mayo Clinic study (conveniently ignoring that the study came out after he lost most of his money).

I worked for GlaxcoSmithKline as an outside lawyer about five years ago defending their antidepressant Paxil. I cannot imagine a scenario where they would ever consider resolving a claim like this. You cannot blame Glaxco in this case. This lawsuit seems frivolous. (I use the word "seems" only because I do not have access to the same information that the attorney filing the suit may have.) A study of 11 patients is not enough for Glaxco to rely upon given the side effect is not life threatening. I find these claims frustrating because there are many meritorious claims pending against Glaxco and the other drug companies. Pharmaceutical lawsuits like this one weaken by association those deserving pharmaceutical cases.

  • WaltDe

    Very good reading. Peace until next time.

  • tjon

    If you have not experienced this compulsion you cannot make a judgement on it. I am a victim of this terrible side effect. Did I sleep???yes but only affter I have exhasted money from my accounts and started using other money. This compulstion puts you in a living hell that no one knows about unless they have experienced it themselves. The feeling of dread that if you DONT do this something terrible is going to happen. The suicidal thoughts you have because you are ashamed of what you have done and that you CANNOT control yourself because you think you are weak and cant stop.

    I would expect a lawyer for a pharm comp to say that it is not the drugs fault but when you can actually show a progression of the obsessive behaviors you might want to look at it from a different perspective.

    I would not wish upon anyone the hell I went through but there has to be a reason why so many people are experiencing this on these drugs. And if you know that the FDA just recently required the makers of Reqip to put in their ads compulsive behaviors(as of August 4 2007) that calls in to question their concern for this side effect. Compared to others I lost very little (aound 80,000) My family supports me, many people have lost their family, home and savings.

    You might want to look into helping people like
    me who really don’t know wh to turn to in these cases and help us get back our dignity and respect.

  • sharon m. vanourek

    i have gone through exactly what the posted comments have said. Requip has literally destroyed my life. i have thought of suicide many times. i have lost all are money and now have 13 payday loans going on for almost 2 years now because of the gambling. we still may loose our only home. i am 63 year old woman housewife and care giver to a very sick husband and 30 abused animals. i don’t know how long i will be able to go on. i did find that the urge to gamble does not immediately leave you when you stop taking it. can you help me PLEASE I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO TURN I ALSO HAD TO HAVE 22 BREAST TUMORS REMOVED AND IF YOU READ GSK’S BOOKLET ON REQUIP BREAST TUMORS ARE ALSO AMONG SIDE AFFECTS. HELP SHARON VANOUREK [NUMBER DELETED BECAUSE I’M NOT SURE WRITER FULLER UNDERSTANDS THIS IS A PUBLIC COMMENT] PLEASE LEAVE A DETAILED MESSAGE AS WE ONLY HAVE ONE LAND LINE PHONE AND I AM SO BUSY WITH MY HUSBAND’S CARE AND THE ANIMALS.

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