Mercury Dental Fillings

The risk associated with silver dental fillings made with mercury that plug cavities in the teeth of millions of Americans will be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration again this week in light of persistent reports of health risks associated with mercury in general and specifically with silver dental fillings. The FDA will ask an outside panel of experts if it believes there is cause for further concern. I have complained in the past about the objectivity of these advisory boards when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs. With this issue related to mercury, however, I suspect they have found an unbiased group of experts.

At certain levels, mercury is toxic to the brain and kidneys. The conventional wisdom has been that the mercury vapors emitted from fillings are too low to cause injury. But conventional wisdom in medicine changes over time and the issues related to mercury are gaining attention from Maryland personal injury lawyers who are increasingly hearing reports from prospective clients complaining of injury as the result of the use of mercury.

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