Maryland Uninsured Motorist Cases Seminar

The Maryland Trial Lawyers Association is putting on a lunch seminar on January 11, 2007. One of our lawyers, Rod Gaston, will speak to what attorneys handling and trying a Maryland uninsured motorist cases should know. The topics he will address include:

How lawyers preserve an underinsured claim with multiple defendants and plaintiffs
The new Maryland uninsured motorist law

What a Maryland lawyer can tell the jury in an uninsured motorist case
Prosecuting the uninsured motorist case with a workers’ compensation claim pending
Using PIP payments to your advantage
Subpoenaing the uninsured motorist adjuster to trial
What to do with liability policy limits offer?

Stacking of uninsured motorist policies
Independent medical exams in uninsured motorist cases
The out-of-state uninsured motorist policy
Declaratory judgment actions in uninsured motorist cases

If you have questions about this seminar or any other Maryland Trial Lawyer Association educational program, Rod is the Chairman of the MTLA Education and Programs Committee and will be glad to answer any question you may have. You can reach him at 410-779-4600.

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