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Where has the Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer Blog gone? Well, it is a long story. The short version is that my wife delivered our ridiculously beautiful twins, Morgan and Tyler, on Tuesday, October 10, 2006. Unfortunately, the twins were due on December 12th so they are 63 days premature. Still, they are doing incredibly well here at the Neonatal Intensive Care Center (NICU) at Anne Arundel Medical Center. The nurses and doctors here are absolutely fantastic, just amazing people that are taking great care of Tyler and Morgan. There are no guarantees for Ty and Morgan (or any of us) but the expectation here is that we will take them home, hopefully in the next month or so, and that they both will grow up as happy and healthy kids. Please keep Ty and Morgan in your prayers. Please.

I’m writing from my laptop in the NICU as we speak, looking at the two of them lying next to each other with Ty’s arm around Morgan which is pretty much the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I hope to post to the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog often this week, pretty much as therapy for myself. Hopefully, you can read some posts that you find of interest to you in the process.

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  • Larry

    Best wishes with you new twins. It is good to hear they are having no complications, I’m sure they will be just fine and fighting with each other before you know it.

  • Ron Miller

    Thank you very much, Larry.

  • Steven McElroy

    Ron, my cousin went though something very similar with her son. He’s now 8 and doing just great.

    Best wishes.

  • Ron, I’m embarrassed that it took me so long to get this news. Congratulations on the twins — they will be in my thoughts as they get up to their normal birth weight and can go home with you and your wife.

    As injury lawyers, we sometimes take a jaded view of doctors, but then we have a chance to see what miracles medical science can perform, and we realize how wonderful the best doctors really are.

    Please keep us all informed.

    Bob Kraft

  • Ron Miller

    Thank you very much Bob and, belatedly, Larry. Thank you also to the others who have written emails to me. It is greatly appreciated. In addition to my traditional friends (defined as actually having met them)I have a lot of great attorney friends who I have met through our personal injury lawyer help center and this blog.

    The twins are doing as well as can be expected. They are eating well and beginning to act more and more like regular babies every day. Ty should hit 4 lbs. this week. Morgan will hopefull be 3.5 lbs before the end of this week.

    Thanks again. We appreciate on behalf of the twins being in your thoughts and prayers.

  • Cindy Reyes

    Best of luck with your new twins. With the technologies today, prematurity is not as problematic as it once was. I know a number of people with premature babies as early as 3 months premature and those children are doing just great today.


  • Ron:

    Congrats! My sister had twins October 6th! Very happy for you and your family for the new additions.

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