Maryland Long Arm Statute Opinion

U.S. District Court Judge Roger W. Titus writes an interesting opinion on the applicability of the Maryland long arm statute to a defendant who runs a music shutterstock_252132457camp in New York but has a website that obviously reaches Maryland residents.

The battle in the case was over the rights to the phrase “Bach to Rock.” (It is a name worth fighting over, I think. Very catchy.)

You can find the opinion here.

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  • john acord

    Need permission to post info on titus
    Titus is once again contradicting

  • John Acord

    This opinion by Titus contradicts his own opinion in Young Again Products v. Acord, 307 F. Supp 713, and does not disclose the cited case is currently under appeal to the 4th Circuit in 09-1481.

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