Maryland Law We Need to Change: Car Insurance for Cabs

Most of my information and opinions on taxis and taxi drivers come from the television show Taxi. Unlike most 70s/80s television shows, Taxi holds up fairly well on reruns.

Anyway, it is pretty clear that Baltimore City and Prince George’s County cab companies are a different animal than Alex Reager’s Sunshine Cab Company. There are a lot of single cab operators who disproportionately have MAIF insurance with a 20k/40k coverage limit. For people outside of Maryland, MAIF is a state owned car insurance company for Maryland car owners who cannot get insurance elsewhere but are licensed to drive in Maryland. Let’s be polite and call these folks high risk drivers.

It is borderline insane, given how much time a taxi driver spends on the road compared to the rest of us, that (1) he/she is allowed to drive with a shoddy driving record, and that (2) taxi drivers are allowed to drive around with 20k/40k coverage limits.

There would be a lot of wisdom in raising the bar for who can drive a taxi cab in Maryland and in requiring taxis to have a minimum 100k/300k in insurance coverage. That level of coverage is insufficient, but it would be a start, and higher limits could be phased in over time.

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