Blog’s 2012 Best

These were the five most popular posts on this blog in 2012:

Alexa, which ranks blogs by popularity, has us ranked 30th among legal blogs and, if you look at the list, the top personal injury lawyer blog. I’m going to try my best to make this an even better and informative blog for readers in 2013.

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  • Ron
    How did you determine that these were your top 5 blog posts . In other words what criteria did you use. For instance clicked on in all search or just Google.

    It’s obviously more than that because you listed facebook likes. How about google likes, shares, tweets , retweets. Were those considered?

    Maybe the better question is what tool did you use to measure “popularity” and what did it measure.

    Another question is how did you seek engagement for the post?

    You have developed your own voice and a way to simplify some complicated issues. You stand out from the crowd.

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