Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog: Most Read Personal Injury Lawyer Blog in the Country

According to Alexa, the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog is the most read personal injury lawyer blog in the country. Here is the Top 50 list. If you are a regular halleberryoscarreader, I am really grateful. You have millions of options on the Internet, so I’m really happy you enjoy my effort to try to inform and entertain.

While I’m on stage accepting this fine award, thanking my mother and the Academy, I also want to thank Tina Taylor. I write these posts very quickly with approximately 3,000 typos and sentences that make zero sense. Tina is kind enough to proofread these for me before (or just after!) I post them.

Please keep reading and commenting!

Update: Alexa says this blog is the most popular tort lawyer blog in the country! I don’t know that it is the best but I know that I’m trying my best to make this a better and more useful place for our readers.

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