Legal Malpractice Settlement and Verdicts in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.

Metro Verdicts Monthly recently provided data on legal malpractice settlements and verdicts in Virginia, D.C., and Maryland.

The median legal malpractice settlement/verdict in Washington D.C. was a whopping $262,500.00. In Virginia and Maryland, the median legal malpractice settlement/verdict was $212,500.00 and $140,211.00 respectively.

What explains the incredible disparity between Washington, D.C. and Maryland and why is Maryland’s median so low? I really have no idea. As always, I find this type of data very interesting yet useless.

  • GM

    Good day. I retained an MD attorney in a case. The case settled and he collected a whole lot more than the 30% he was promised (262%). Now the other party has reneged on the agreement and my attorney has refused to help me further. I believe that the breach is part of the original case. I may loose and be SOL due to his refusal. Can I take action under the MD Bad Faith (Legal Malpractice) laws? Thanks.

  • becky woolford

    It doesn’t surprise me a bit to read your article and learn that Maryland’s average (median) is so much lower than DC and other areas. Actually, it is amazing that ANY plaintiff that files a legal malpractice suit would get ANY judgement in their favor. Maryland, at least Anne Arundel County, is so full of partiality, bias, and otherwise unfair courtroom personnel. The old timers (attorneys) that may be well-respected in the court system and know just how to play the game with the judges, are not so well respected by the public, in many cases. Some attorneys seem to work on the basis that it doesn’t really matter how well they actually do trying their clients cases, cause they are gonna rake in a more than fair profit either way. If they don’t get it from charging ridiculous amounts of hours (and fees)to a client that can barely pay their gas and electric bill, then they have a back-up plan already. Take the client to court and sue them. As if their client hasn’t already been through enough duress and pain and stress and life-altering changes due to the attorneys’ lack of due diligence and over-booking their caseload (greed gets them on that), then losing the case. No worries, though. Let a little time pass so it looks good for the judge and even though the client might be making an attempt on some level at paying the unconcionable bills, sue them. Sue them for the bills, the court costs, the filing fees, the papers delivered at their place of work in front of everyone, the gas to drive to the courthouse and anything else they can throw in there. May as well. They already know the outcome. Just as the judge does before they all sit in that courtroom and go through the motions, play the game, think about how much longer till lunch. While the now ‘former’ client is defending themselves without representation (or trying to, best they can)because in AA County your not too smart if you take on someone in your world. Best pass that case up. The fight for justice for the client just isn’t worth it. Not enough money. Too much time. And most certainly don’t want to be left out of any dinner parties. So, Judge do your thing. Can’t have this attorney messing up his record. He’s going for 37 out of yep, 37. 37 judgements in favor of the PLAINTIFF, yep, 37 suits filed against clients for money they don’t even have. And yep, 37 decisions from judges to give the attorney legal grounds to take whatever they can get. Their home, their car, their kids, their paycheck, their sanity and well-being. Not a single case goes in favor of this Defendant, not this KIND of defendant, anyway. . . NOW THAT’S REAL JUSTICE FOR YOU ! !

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