Laura Zois: Top 50 Maryland Women SuperLawyers

My partner, Laura Zois, was selected by SuperLawyers as one of their Top 50 women attorneys in Maryland for 2012.

It is a pretty unbelievable honor. There are thousands of female lawyers in Maryland lawyers. I only recognize one other female personal injury lawyer, the well respected Alison Kohler, on the list.

Congratulations Laura!

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  • Jim Zois

    Laura Zois rocks!

  • Sharon

    Judging from your last name, I think you might be biased! But it is a tremendous honor!

  • Jim Zois

    Completely objective assessment, I assure you.

  • Jon

    I heard her claws really come out in the courtroom. Glad I’ve never had to try a case against her.

  • Jason Hash

    way to go Laura!

  • personal injury attorney aurora co

    I like to be a strong woman like Laura.Congrats.

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