Kugel Hernia Patch Lawyers: The Kugel Mesh Hernia Patch Recall

The Kugel mesh hernia patch is used to repair ventral hernias. There are over 750,000 hernia operations each year in the U.S. The Kugel hernia mesh patch is manufactured by C.R. Bard, Inc., and their subsidiary, Davol, Inc. who owns the patent on the device. The Kugel mesh patch is made of two pieces of mesh that surround a flexible plastic ring. The surgeon places the mesh patch in a small incision. The surgeon would fold the patch and place it at the site of the hernia. The released ring would then spring back into its original shape, flattening the patch. The meshlike material would serve as a substrate, allowing the hernia patient’s own tissue to grow and assist in healing the hernia.

The Kugel Mesh Patch can break, however, leading to bowel perforations and chronic intestinal fistulae. These are very serious conditions that pose a significant health risk to Kugel hernia patch patients. The problem with the Kugel hernia patch is that the plastic component could break and cut through a patient’s internal organs and tissue. The FDA has received reports of more than 80 injuries and other problems possibly related to it, including several fatalities. Our Kugel hernia patch lawyers expect an increasing number of reports of injuries in the weeks and months to come.

In late 2005, C.R. Bard sent out a recall on the Kugel patch, urging doctors to stop using some versions of the product, because a plastic component could break and cut through a patient’s internal organs and tissue. Our Kugel patch lawyers believe that, at least by this time, C.R. Bard knew, or should have known, that other lots and versions were also implicated, both because of the evidence available to them, and because all of the Kugel patches had the same or similar memory recoil ring, which was causing the defect in the Kugel patches. Accordingly, our Kugel mesh hernia patch lawyers expect that more, if not all, of the patches will eventually be recalled.

Since December, there have been three separate recalls of different models of the Kugel patch. The FDA says surgeons and hospitals should immediately stop using the recalled patches and return the unused patches to the company. Patients who have been implanted with one of the recalled Kugel devices should consult their doctor or surgeon. You should seek immediate medical attention if you are experiencing persistent and/or unexplained abdominal pain, fever, tenderness or any painful lumps or bulges at the site of the Kugel implant/surgery, or any other unusual symptoms.

Our lawyers are currently reviewing Kugel mesh hernia patch cases throughout the United States and Canada. If you have one of these implanted devices, you may be entitled to compensation. Call our Kugel mesh hernia patch lawyers at 1-800-553-8082 click here for a free web consultation.

  • Lylene Roveredo

    Well i went in for a hernia repair in New Brunswick saintjohn on my large intestine and the surgen had put the mesh into the gap i had surgery on july 24th 2006 and as of August 3rd 2007 it has been leaking a smelly fluid of a yellowish greenish colour from my insition on each side of my insition has large lumps and i break out with a rash from the leaking i have been so uncomfortable the pain is sometimes so unbarrable i’m bed ridden i have taken antibotics several times to clear the infection and it has not done so i am now getting surgery done to take out the infected mesh my surgery date is august 20th 2007 i have also been getting rashes on my legs and i think that has something to do with it because i never had this until all this has been happening.

  • Sharon Vieira

    Would greatly appreciate being sent hard copy information on the product,recall, and suits. My son recieved the implant is having problems and nowhere to go. Dr. who performed surgery knew before, but, didn’t say anything until itwas too late. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Dianne

    What is the easiest and fastest way to find out the name of the mesh manufacturer that was used in my surgery? Call medical records?

  • joemurgel

    I was operated on in 2005 with a bard compix mesh with ring and it tangled in my small intestines I had to have that removed and was implanted with bard kugel mesh 102202 and in 2007 I had to have that removed due to severe in fection I now am still not working due to all infections and problems I now have chronic pancreatitus .I luckly got ss but I am only 52yrs old and have to kids I am frustrated do I have a chance to reclaimmy wages that I no Longer get.

  • Edith Legge

    I underwent hernia surgery on September 25 2009 at the Burin Peninsula Cottage hospital . My surgeon explained to me he would be using a mesh screen to repair the hernia and put it back into the abdominal wall. Since surgery I am still having alot of obdominal pain, A few weeks after surgery I had a lot of infections and I am still having alot of pain and discomfort from the procedure. How do I know what mesh was used.

  • Ellen Rafuse

    Hi I have just had surgery in October/09. My doctor put in a mesh to repair my hernia. I am in alot of pain,fever,chills and sore all the time. How do I find out who to contact about this legal issue? I live in Nova Scotia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    had an emergancy hernia op on the 1st nov 2009 i still have a gaping wound and is serverly infected i have got a hematoma stuff running out the hole constantly have district nurse twice a day and is tracking and probing 7cm depth the hole that is my sergeons dont seem to want to help me what can i do ive had drains put in and 6 lots of antibiotics please please help im a 37 year old women with 2 children one of which is disabled i just want to get back to some normality

  • tammy fraser

    i have had 2 hernia repair,i too live in nova scotia. it seem no one here know anything.i would like to talk to ellen rafuse,my email is tammyfraser1@hotmail.com

  • Anonymous

    2000 had colon resection due to diverticular desease,then ventral surgery in 2004,then 2007 mesh embeddded in intestne,another hernia repair.still have hernias,pain and abdominal swelling.have had mris,catscans,etc. have fear of more poperations, am old. 79 years.any help out there? Drs. wont or cant help I guess.thanks

  • Fern Neil-Schwarz

    I have had hernia surgery five times the last being in Feb of 2011. This last surgery was done in Halifax NS, which is where I live and the surgeon put in the mesh. I had an infection (which I still have) and a pocket of fluid that had built up around the surgery area. I have been back to see the doc and the surgeons many times in the past 6 months, they all tell me it is chronic pain and will never get better. I have a great deal of bloating, and can not eat because of it..fear to eat.. it leaves me sick to my stomach, in extreme paina nd no solutions. Just two weeks ago I went to the Emerg here in Halifax and all they said was we will give you a shot for the pain and a prescription for a hard narcotic. Hard narcotics such as delaudid is not an option for me, I have nasty reactions to most of the narcotics used for pain management. I am tired of being run around and told “we are sorry but there just isn’t anything we can do about it”. Well docs you put this crap inside of me, you caused all this chaos in my life and all this pain so now please fix it.

  • martha garrison

    I had a double hernia surgery in 2009, since then I have had severe infections, pain, and a prolapsed vagina problem, and I am now facing a surgery for a prolaped vagina issue. Are these problems all because of the mesh in 2009?

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