Knee Injury Settlements and Verdicts | Statistics

Our law firm has successfully handled scores of serious knee injury cases. Most recently, we won a $5.2 million verdict in a knee injury case.  We fight for our clients. Call 800-553-8082 or get a free on-line consultation.

According to a recent Jury Verdict Research study on knee injuries:

  • the average verdict in a severe knee injury case is $359,149
  • the median knee injury verdict is $114,299
  • 8% of knee injury verdicts were over $1,000,000.

How do you define severe? JVR defines it as knee dislocation, fractures, replacements, and aggravation of a preexisting knee injury. I certainly understand the first three categories; aggravation of a preexisting knee injury more subjective and a little harder to define — and brings the average verdict lower.

Half of these cases are car accident lawsuits, and the other half includes every personal injury case under the sun. In Maryland, I’ll bet it is probably approaching 75% of the cases because we have fewer premises liability cases because of contributory negligence. It is the most frequent injury in premises liability cases, most from slip and falls.   So it is hard to extract much meaning from this average serious knee injury verdict. But there are a lot of numbers in the report that breaks it down a little further.

JVR does not provide the average accident knee injury verdict in motor vehicle collision cases. I wish they did because the average verdict always gets you more pumped up. But the median is probably more illustrative. The median knee injury verdict in a car accident case is $94,406. More interesting is the middle 50% – the 25th to the 75th percentile – ranges from $26,255-$216,726.  Obviously, that is a big range, and I would suggest that bottom quartile is not severe injury cases.

The last knee injury case we took to trial led to a $5.2 million verdict.  That was a severe injury case where the client required a below-the-knee amputation.

Knee injury verdict statistics

Here are some more knee injury verdict statistics of interest, at least, to me:knee3

  • Intersection collision accidents have a median of $70,748. The middle 50% range is $28,250-$237,500
  • Pedestrian accidents have a median of $150,000. The middle 50% range is $80,071-$240,000
  • Turning collision car accidents have a median of $90,203. The middle 50% range is $34,750-$192,038
  • Motorcycle accident knee injuries involve, as you would expect, more serious injuries. The median verdict is $191,884. The middle 50% range is $83,300-$287,500. Keep in mind, this is a survey of plaintiffs’ verdicts. The hard part in motorcycle accident cases is getting the verdict in the first place. It is amazing how many motorcycle accident lawsuits involve contested liability. Motorcycle cases get fought like World War III on liability in cases where the defendant’s lawyer would stipulate to liability under the same facts if the plaintiff were driving a car. It never ceases to amaze me. But I’ll admit there is a method to the madness: juries don’t like motorcyclists. Is this unfair? Of course it is. Can good counsel overcome it? Often, yes.
  • Rear end accident knee injuries have a median verdict of woeful $9,095. The middle 50% range is $1,624-$41,098. These statistics make sense.  There are just not a lot of knee injuries in rear-end accidents.  So many of the claims are those with preexisting injuries, which are the toughest cases to bring.  There are not a lot of serious “knee injuries only” in rear-end car accidents. If you hurt your knee badly in the accident, chances are you have a more serious injury than just your knee.

Keep in mind that all of these stats are third-party insurance claims.  Workers comp cases have an entirely different — and lower — formula to calculate the value of knee injury cases at work.

Hiring a lawyer to fight for you

If you have a knee injury claim in Maryland or Washington, D.C., call us today at 800-553-8082 so we can discuss your options.  You can also fill out this free claim evaluation form, and we can talk about your case on-line.  We have recovered millions for our client in knee injury cases, and we may be able to help you.

  • johnh

    What about slip/fall???I had to have a whole new knee,because someone didn”t empty the trash and coffee seeped out onto the walkway in the mall.

  • Ron Miller

    There are no numbers available that thin slice injuries by county like that, unfortunately. I wish there were!

  • anthony

    what is the average settlement amount for knee surgery with torn meniscus and scare tissue removal

  • Veronica Hayward

    I recently slipped on water in a local grocery store. I am waiting for info from the orthopedics to discuss the damage to my right knee. I will also need my veins fixed. I am always having lower back pain that does not go away. I am so confused my whole life has changed.

  • Nikeita

    This is going to sound silly — but, what if a tree falls on you ????

    I was a guest at a friend’s apartment complex. (poolside)

    When out off to my right a 30 foot tree falls on me. I was taken to the hosp. by ambulance. I don’t have ins. & no way to pay the bills or get the prescription filled.My knee & ankle are swollen now(3 days later), and the ONLY way I can get any relief is to soak in water. No word from the apts. ins. co. yet, ither. I know these things take time.

  • Tashawn Williams

    I have a knee injury fracture knee and torn cartilage and neck pain and back pain. How much my case is worth.

    • LOU Montana

      If you are on the East Coast than you will do much better than if you are on the mountain West.

  • Philip M

    (Gym injury) I fell off a stationary bike before a spinning class started due to a defective pedal. I ruptured the quadriceps tendon of my right leg when I fell. I went to ER and after X-ray and MRI I was informed that surgery was needed. The surgery was a a straight line from the bottom of the knee up to two inches above the knee. I have suffered atrophy of the quadriceps muscles because of the nature of the surgery. The usage of crutches for 6 weeks caused inflammation of the tendon of my shoulders which I am doing PT prescribed by my orthopedist. I am also doing PT to regain control of my right leg. The injury was suffered on sep 26, 2012 and I am receiving PT treatment for two more months. The total medical bill is over thirty thousand dollars. I am concerned about the future consequences of this injury, what would be a reasonable settlement amount for my case?

  • Ron Miller

    Tashawn, I wish I had an answer. This verdict data is interesting but every case is so different. The way to value your case is to review your medical records. That really is the only way to get to even a range of settlement value to the case.

  • ramon aponte

    i recently got into an accident at work , i was driving an electric jack pallet and it slipped on somethin wet on the floor inturn i ended up being diagnosed with torn meniscus and thats just on the first mri .. is this considered apersonal claim?

  • Ron Miller

    It depends on the jurisdiction. In Maryland, most likely you would have a workers compensation claims and a personal injury case if a third party other than your employer were liable.

  • Edward L

    I was hit head on by a drunk driver and suffered a broken patella. Where should I start negotiation? Workers comp is taking care of the medical bills. The insurance company has already approached me about working on a settlement.

  • You’ve got a broken link on this one Ron. “knee injury case” anchor link is showing a 404 error to your site.

    Great information on the anatomy of the knee and types of injuries! I like the diagram as well.

  • Ron Miller


  • Bernice

    I broke my kneecap in half had surgery two screws and wire to put back together how much can I get ? I fell at a bp gas station on wet gas oily and uneven pavement .ambulance took me to er where I stayed medicated for two week prior to my surgery .

    • Shirl Linda

      Where are you at?. perhaps I can refer you.

  • Shirl Linda

    I slipped and fell on concrete, injuring both knee’s. But, my lawyer said, don’t hope for getting much and that they have seen people hope for a large settlement, but end up with little. It is the company’s fault that they utilized broken wooden pallets, did not take advantage of the large warehouse to stack supplies correctly, their is allot of pain and suffering that I bared. So when I am told not too hope for much, I wonder if I have the right lawyer working for me.

  • dennis m

    hi i had patellar surgery and was 9 weeks post op when on my 10th pt appt the therapist bent my knee way too far during a stretch as i was screaming at the top of my lungs and she snapped the patellar tendon in half and literally blew a finger size hole in my knee,,,,,,had to have a surgery that night and now have to have a third in january,,,i will be out of my work as a crane operator for at least 6months more than i should have been after the first surgery,,,,

  • Patti Holt Hill

    i slipped on grease that an another employee spilled on slip proof mat in the kitchen i dislocated my knee cap and tore my meniscus on both sides could not get surgery just yet do to a irregular heart beat it is a on going comp case its has been since 2013 my doctor now will be able to clear me for surgery my life has changed ! i cant run ride motor cycles had to give up my horse just wondering how much is a case like this worth

  • Patrick Casey

    I was walking toward the dock door and I was trying to put up the safety chain across the pole. As I reached down I slipped and fell hard on my knees . Cut up my right knee bad and it swelled up really bad. There was a camera that saw the whole feed and I also had a witness that saw me get hurt. I’ve stayed at work for the rest of the day and filled out a workers comp form. I’ve already been to the doctors and started PT . I’m going to be reevaluated tomorrow. I noticed bruises on my left leg and a knot , but I didn’t say anything about my left leg in the workers comp form because there was not any noticeable injuries at that time. I just noticed the bruises a day after I went to the doctors. How do I get my left leg included in my workers comp case, if it wasn’t written in on the form. I don’t want to be denied any benefits that I’m entitled to.

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