Kagan Confirmation Hearing

I can’t stop working to listen to the Elena Kagan confirmation hearing. But there has been so much talk of the questions Elena Kagan will get, it is hard not to check in.

NPR is live blogging through Tom Goldstein’s SCOTUSblog. I love the NPR disclaimer on this: “While SCOTUSblog has relationships with the law firms of AkinKagan-confirmation-hearing-begins_1_1 Gump and Howe & Russell, it covers the work of the Supreme Court as an impartial, journalistic entity.” I think I’ll start putting this kind of disclaimer on the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog. To make the Chinese Wall particularly high, I’ll change my shoes and my socks to transition from personal injury lawyer to impartial journalist. You won’t see the change but you will have to just trust me.

Getting that off my chest, Goldstein’s live blog is worth reading. Also worth reading, for a very different reason, is David Lat and Elie Mystal’s live blog of the confirmation hearings on Above the Law. I’m not sure who is doing most of the writing but this is quality stuff. I can’t imagine Above the Law is a high paying gig. If I’m any judge of talent, both of these writers will leave Above the Law for greener pastures in the next year. (Then again, I would have bet the farm against Brett Favre last season).

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