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Juror Questions

I once had a jury ask the judge to see my damage exhibits in a case where I had asked for over $800,000. We all knew what that meant: Plaintiff’s verdict. The judge gently chided the defense lawyer for making no offer in the case. I took a deep, satisfied breath with confidence that a jury verdict was imminent.

Because of how I’m leading the story, you know what happens next. The jury came back with a defense verdict.

So, I take with more than a few grains of salt any question that a jury has during deliberations. The Sacramento Bee reports that jurors in a wrongful death case in Sacramento asked for an adding machine that went up to ten digits.

Despite my story, I would still view this as a favorable sign for the Plaintiffs.

Post Script:  It was.   The jury award $16.5 million.  I wish someone had asked them just why they needed an adding machine.

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