Juror Questions

I once had a jury ask the judge to see my damage exhibits in a case where I had asked for over $800,000. We all knew what that meant: Plaintiff’s verdict. The judge gently chided the defense lawyer for making no offer in the case. I took a deep, satisfied breath with confidence that a jury verdict was imminent.

Because of how I’m leading the story, you know what happens next. The jury came back with a defense verdict.

So, I take with more than a few grains of salt any question that a jury has during deliberations. The Sacramento Bee reports that jurors in a wrongful death case in Sacramento asked for an adding machine that went up to ten digits.

In spite of my story, I would still view this as a favorable sign for Plaintiffs.

Post Script:  It was.   The jury award $16.5 million.  I wish someone had asked them just why they needed an adding machine.

  • Been there! You never know what a jury is going to do and that’s what keeps it interesting. Until then, we can only do our very best and hope that the jury “gets it” so that our wronged clients are made whole. Great blog!

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